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This is a grassroots group for animal activists in South Carolina!

The group will encourage compassion and protection for all beings regardless of species- through public education, direct action, and collaboration with other local and regional organizations.

Issues this group will work on may include: animal circuses and other animal "entertainment" industries, feral cats, chained dogs, puppy mills, canned hunts, carriage horses, vivisection (animals used in research), fur, farmed animals/vegan outreach and cruelty-free living.

Activities may include: educational tabling, lobbying, peaceful demonstrations, vegan outreach events (food sampling, leafleting) pay-per-view video events, volunteer days with animal sanctuaries, documentary showings, fundraisers and joint events with other groups.

You do not need to have any experience in activism to join!

You also do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to join, but there will be much information and support available to anyone interested in transitioning to a compassionate diet and lifestyle through this group and our sister group, Columbia Veg (http://www.meetup.com/ColumbiaVeg/).

For ongoing discussions and posts, join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SCAAL/).

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