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Would you like to go to church with me?

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This is something that I, Michelle, have had on my mind for many months, trying to think of how to make this idea a reality. Let's see how this goes......

Would you like to go to church with me?

In addition to church being a place for worshipping God and learning from the Bible through the pastor's teaching, I am of the opinion that there is a huge social component to attending church. It is gathering with other Christians to share that experience, making connections and friendships, seeing the same persons on a regular basis each week.

As a single man or woman, getting connected to a church can be difficult and even a little frightening or overwhelming, so many of us don't attend because taking that first step to visit a church is intimidating. Even more so if we haven't been to church in years. Or if due to the circumstances of our life, we are expecting condemnation and judgement from the church.

RSVP to this meetup if you are looking for a church to attend.

RSVP to this meetup if you attend a local church and you are willing to meet another member of this group at your church and invite them to attend the service with you.

If you're inviting someone to meet you at your church, please post in the comments the Name, Location and Service Time you will be attending.

The intention of this meetup event is to connect Single Christians and provide a way for someone to visit another group member's church and to not have to do that alone.

The date and time for this meetup will repeat at 9:00 AM on Sundays. I know that church services occur at different times and different days. Again, please post your church's information as a comment below.

How do I connect with someone if I would like to attend their church?

The best way is to email them through their meetup profile. Click on their photo and use the option to email that person a message. Remember, if you don't provide an email address, or you uncheck the box to share your email address with the person you are messaging, they will have a hard time contacting you with a reply.

If you make a connection and a plan to meet, feel free to post a comment below welcoming others to join you.....for example: "Wendy and I are going to Grace Community Church in Fulton this Sunday for the 11:15 service, would anyone else like to meet us there? We'll probably grab a bite to eat after the service."

I have a strong conviction that regular church attendance is essential to a healthy, growing relationship with God and that we as Christians aren't meant to figure it out on our own, we need one another and we need to worship God and receive teaching from the Bible in a group environment by regularly gathering with other Christians.