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Can I get some Twitter responding help to respond to user RUTHSIAS
One person that I've been following on twitter uses the name ruthsias. I have to use professional and intelligent questions to respond to her to have her think. However she has been pounding so much venom against Dr. Paul that it has been just overwhelming to just respond to her with some thought provoking questions to sway her this way. Everyday she tweets at least 20-30 tweets about how bad Dr.Ron Paul is? I need your help to respond to her and send her links on all of her un-founded and un-educated lies. Could all of you follow her and respond politely before I just lose my professionalism? The easy thing to do is to just stop following her tweets but the problem is is that she spews this garbage to about 4 thousand people several times a day! Some might read her bombarding filth and actually believe it! For Liberty!

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    Welcome to the Santa Clarita Valley for Rand Paul meetup. This meetup grew out of Ron Paul's 2008 & 2012 presidential campaigns. Our mission is to continue fighting for our Constitutional Republic by supporting his son Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky for President in 2016. If you believe in the principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money and non-interventionist foreign policy, then this meet up is for you.

    Please join our group as we will be hosting local meetings as well as collaborating with the other Rand Paul groups in California.

    We encourage you to utilize this site to communicate, plan and collaborate on freedom related events in the greater Los Angeles area as well as major events in Southern California including Campaign for Liberty events, End the Fed rallies, Second Amendment rallies, Tea Party, Libertarian, Conservative Republican events and more. We look forward to your participation in helping us make a positive impact in America and contributing to keeping our nation a stronghold for liberty and freedom.

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