• Luau with Charlie the Serf Dog

    3316 Governor Dr

    We will be hangin' 10 with Charlie the surfer dog and his friends. The event is co-hosted by Woof Woof All Natural Doggie Meatballs. Marley's Pet Planet will be here as well with their dog brewski and other treats. We will be raising money for Oz, a diabetic dog in need of expensive treatments. For a mere $10 donation you can have a photo taken in our photo studio on a surfboard using a green screen so you will be catching the big wave! Also: a raffle for fabulous prizes, a Hawaiian t-shirt contest and Hawaiian themed stencils for the doggies to wear. It is goin to ROCK!

  • No Host Meetup! Animal Communication Presentation

    San Diego Museum of Man

    Saturday, July 8 from 1:00 – 2:00PM ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PRESENTATION San Diego Museum of Man In Balboa Park at 1350 El Prado San Diego, CA 92101 (619)[masked] I will be presenting information to accompany the Living with Animals exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man in San Diego’s beautiful, Balboa Park. Learn techniques to validate and experience conscious communication with animals, including your own pets! You can purchase tickets at the door or online at this link. BUY TICKETS HERE! (http://www.museumofman.org/tickets/) The cost of admission to the Museum of Man will cover my presentation. The cost to attend my talk is included with museum admission so no additional charge will be requested. It will be held in the Living with Animals balcony. It will be partially shaded. Hope to see you this Saturday!! Come say hi to me after! Click here for more information about the presentation on the Museum of Man website! (http://www.museumofman.org/event/animal-communicator-pet-psychic/) Click here for information about my Animal Communication talk listed on the San Diego Humane Society’s website! (http://support.sdhumane.org/site/Calendar/1407598355?view=Detail&id=132449) Need more information? Call the museum at[masked]

  • Animal Communication Class & Demonstration

    San Diego Humane Society


    Sorry for the very late notice! Join me Saturday and learn how to more consciously communicate with your animal friends! ANIMAL COMMUNICATION CLASS Saturday, April 2 2:00 - 3:00 PM San Diego Humane Society 5500 Gaines St., San Diego Loomis Auditorium Get more in touch with yourself and your energy. This includes your emotions and stress levels. Discover how to release unwanted energies and consciously change your energy. Learn how to communicate what you want to communicate. Help lessen confusion by being more clear with your messages. With the exception of certified service animals, this class is for people only. Participants must be 18 years old or older unless accompanied the entire time by a parent or legal guardian. Just show up Saturday and it's $20 OR RSVP as a member of this Meetup group by 1:00 PM Saturday and pre-pay just $15. Below is a link to a segment on Channel 6 San Diego's morning news. http://www.cw6sandiego.com/video/communicating-animal-friends/

  • Animal Communication Presentation and Demonstration

    San Diego Humane Society

    The San Diego Humane Society offers educational, "Happy Hour Lectures" at both their Central and North County campuses throughout the year. I will be doing an Animal Communication presentation and demonstration at their Central Campus at 5500 Gaines St., on Thursday, September 18 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. This event is for people only. Admission is a $12 donation for the San Diego Humane Society to help animals and their animal welfare efforts. More information and how to register can be found at the link below. Please still do RSVP on our page if you plan on going, but the San Diego Humane Society RSVP and registration is separate and needs to also be completed. :-) http://www.sdhumane.org/site/Calendar/1760082184?view=Detail&id=126244 I love this gorgeous black cat! This photo was taken in the San Diego Humane Society Adoption Gallery. Come early and see the beautiful cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals looking for their forever home and new person OR people!

  • Doggie Cafe

    San Diego Humane Society

    Mark your calendars! Bring your leashed, friendly dog friend with you for treats, socialization and training tips. I will be offering mini animal communication sessions and readings to the first 15 people that sign up that night at the event. All activities are included in the $10 donation to the San Diego Humane Society. Hope you can join me! RSVP on this Meetup event page, but also register through the San Diego Humane Society's website at the link below. More details at this link too! http://www.sdhumane.org/site/Calendar/625342993?view=Detail&id=125039 Thank you!

  • Clicker Training for Cats!

    San Diego Humane Society

    I love cats! If you are a cat parent you may have noticed that there aren't a lot of training classes out there for kitties. But they are trainable. Like all of us, they just need the right approach to help educate them! Here's an opportunity to learn some positive reinforcement techniques and cat training skills to help enhance your relationship with your feline friends and help educate them, as well as yourself! Have you always wanted to teach your cat some fun new behaviors? Maybe how to "sit" or wave bye-bye? Perhaps you’d like to learn an effective way to keep your cat off the kitchen counter. You can teach your cat to come when called, play without biting or scratching, stay off the table, walk on a leash, do cute tricks and games, all with a click and a treat! Yes, this is possible. Margaret Lenoir, San Diego Humane Society certified trainer, will show you how! Cost is $12 per person and includes materials, light snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments. Please note all classes are for people only - please leave your great pets at home. Space is limited. Pre-register by calling (619)[masked] or RSVP online. Along with RSVPing on our Meetup event page, please be sure you either call the San Diego Humane Society to pre-register or visit the link below to register online. You can pay at the door. http://www.sdhumane.org/site/Calendar/1509810953?view=Detail&id=126101 This is one of the many beautiful kitties available at the San Diego Humane Society. This was taken in their lovely adoption gallery viewing room. Kittens and cats of all ages wait patiently for their forever friends and loving homes.

  • Pet Loss Support Clinic

    Location visible to members

    If you or someone you know have lost a companion animal and could use some assistance during the grieving and healing process, this is for you. First let me say that I am very sorry for your loss. Each passing and related experience is unique, but I do know how difficult the loss of a companion animal can be. That is why I offer these services. I provide an understanding, attentive ear, gentle guidance, energy healing, guided meditation to release heavy emotions and animal communication and reading sessions to gain insights and information. All services during this Pet Loss Support Clinic are Open Donation/Pay What You Can. Below is a schedule of the day's events. 11:00 AM - Pet Loss Support and Group Guided Meditation with Animal Communication to help you release pain and heavy emotions, talk about your experience if you feel like sharing (not required), gain more closure and peace and connect with your beloved animal friend, as spirit 12:30 - 3:30 PM - 15 to 30 minute Energy Healing, Reading and Animal Communication Sessions to further assist you in your grieving process We will meet inside in a private room for the Pet Loss Support Group and private sessions. There is a beautiful outdoor gazebo to spend time in while you wait. On the second floor of the building there is a cafe with food and beverages also. Email me to secure a spot in advance or show up the day of. There will be a sign up sheet available to choose your preferred time. Contact me for information and to sign up for a specific session time. RSVP on this event page if you plan on attending the Pet Loss Support Group. This is the gazebo outside of my office where you can sit, relax, reflect, meditate or otherwise enjoy your Saturday afternoon.

  • Canine Massage Workshop

    San Diego Humane Society

    CANINE MASSAGE AT THE SAN DIEGO HUMANE SOCIETY Thursday, February 20 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM San Diego Humane Society's Central Campus 5500 Gaines St., San Diego in the Linda Vista area, off the 8 Learn massage techniques to help relax your doggie friends! Led by a certified equine and canine massage therapist. Below is a link to register. Also RSVP on our page, so I know who is going to join me. $12 donation to the San Diego Humane Society, includes tasty snacks and the useful massage information to enhance your relationship with your dog. http://www.sdhumane.org/site/Calendar/1878184819?view=Detail&id=125321

  • Pet Loss Support and Guided, Group Meditation

    Location visible to members

    PET LOSS SUPPORT AND GUIDED MEDITATION This meetup is limited to five people plus me, so pre-registration is required. This is a small, group setting in a safe environment. You will have the opportunity to verbally share, if you'd like, about your specific experience with loss. I will lead a guided, group meditation to assist in the letting go process and help you to both, be more in the present moment while also moving forward. Since space is so limited, please keep your RSVP on our event Meetup page updated. If you sign up and don't show up, someone else that may have wanted to attend won't be able to. I am announcing this event to my non-Meetup email mailing list, as well as other avenues. If you want to attend, please RSVP and to confirm your RSVP, EMAIL ME ([masked]) your name and phone number, as soon as possible. Simply RSVPing won't secure your spot. I need to have personal contact with you via email. Thank you! This is a Pay What You Can event and there is no required charge to participate. This event is for people only.

  • Essential Oils for Your Dog's Health

    San Diego Humane Society

    Let's attend this informative presentation at the San Diego Humane Society. Essential Oils for Your Dog's Health is part of the SDHS' "Happy Hour Lecture" Series. It will be held at their North County campus in Oceanside. Below is a link to more information and how to register. It is $12 per person paid directly to the San Diego Humane Society. Don't forget to RSVP on our page too, so I know you'll be joining us! http://www.sdhumane.org/site/Calendar/1401278547?view=Detail&id=125121