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THE 912 PROJECT Read the nine principles. If you believe in at least seven of them, then we are on the same page. 1 AMERICA IS GOOD 2 There is a GOD. 3 HONESTY 4 Marriage / Family 5 JUSTICE 6 LIFE. LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS 7 Charities of choice 8 Right to disagree 9 The GOVERNMENT works for The PEOPLE Every one should JOIN TOO SUPPORT the CONSTITUTION, REDOUNDING the GOVERNMENT.

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End the Fed activism
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I am in the progress of organizing all of the defenders of liberty in San Diego to do an activism/information distribution rally about the fraud of the Fed and their central role in this latest (and every) economic crisis. Educating the public is the surest defense against liberty, and while I've seen certain types of activism in San Diego I haven't seen any specifically focused on the Fed. Let's get EVERY Ron Paul/Constitution/Freedom minded person together, and pick a spot to do this. I myself would like to have a peaceful march downtown. http://endthefedsandi... (http://endthefedsandiego.ning.com/)

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