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Hello and thank you for your interest in San Diego Micro-Adventures!

"Adventure is a state of mind, a spirit of trying something new and leaving your comfort zone. It's about enthusiasm, ambition, open-mindedness, and curiosity."

So what's microadventure?

"It's close to home, cheap, simple, short and 100% guaranteed to refresh your life. A microadventure takes the spirit of a big adventure and squeezes it into a day or even a few hours." - As defined by Alastair Humphreys.

The goal of this group is to bring together adventure-minded individuals who share a desire to explore the outdoors and try new things, but may lack the time, knowledge, and/or money to pursue a "big" adventure. San Diego is uniquely located within a days drive of almost any adventure a person can dream of, and it is the goal of this group to seek out and exploit those adventures whatever and wherever they may be.

Who would fit in:

• You possess an adventurous spirit with a positive outlook on life.

• You desire to learn and experience as many different outdoor activities as possible (think jack of all trades, master of none).

• You see adversity as part of the adventure and problems are just solutions waiting to be figured out.

If you feel like you have found the right group, please join us! I look forward to meeting you and seeing you out there!

Jim Hobbs (http://www.adventurelifeproject.com/p/about-me_16.html)

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Overnight Backpack Mt. Langley

Lone Pine


Mt. Langley is a 14'er in close proximity to Mt. Whitney, and while it is considered by most to be the easiest of all the California 14'ers, I would argue that it is one of the most beautiful. What makes it "easier" is the fact that the trailhead starts at the campground at Horseshoe Meadows which is at an elevation of over 10,000 feet. And by making this an overnighter instead of a day hike, the distance covered each day is quite a bit less (even easier). I have only done this as a day hike, and at over 10 miles each way, my legs have always felt pretty destroyed when getting back to camp. But, when I have passed the people that were setting up camp along the beautiful lakes and streams up the mountain, I have always been a bit envious (especially on the way back down). So this is the year that I get to spend the night up there! The nice thing about doing Langley as a day hike is that you don't have to worry about permits. That may be why I have always done it that way. Since we are doing this overnight, we will need permits (of which I do not currently have). But the Rangers have generously withheld 24 of them each day for those of us who failed to secure them online at the right time. This means that the length of this event is actually up to the hiking gods, for if we are not able to get permits at the walk up window, then we will be doing this as a day hike, which is still a great option, if you are up to or capable of hiking over 20 miles in a single day. But, look at the bright side, you won't have to carry all that overnight gear. So Plan B is not a bad option. But, I feel confident that Plan A will be a go! I will get to the ranger station at 8:00 am when they open and get us on the list for permits for the following day. They don't assign them until 11:00 am, so the odds are pretty good that we will get the permits. I like to say that "it is the level of uncertainty that determines the level of the adventure!" That and when we get lost is when the adventure starts. Just a few thoughts: - Although it will be the middle of Summer, at that altitude, it will be very cold at that altitude, so plan to layer accordingly. - Maybe get in a warm up hike, say Mt. San Jacinto from Idyllwild, to get an idea of the distance and elevation gain. - I am a little undecided about whether to camp at the base of the mountain Friday night and head to the trailhead Saturday morning, or camp up at Horseshoe Meadows Friday night. - Flexibility is the key when joining me on these adventures, as any past companions will surely attest, so if you require rigidity in your adventures, you will probably be disappointed on this one. I will put out more details and gear info as the date gets a little closer, but just know that you will need basic backpacking gear for two days and a single night. There is plenty of water up there but it might be advised to bring a filter. Here is a link to a previous event (although it was not an overnighter) - https://www.meetup.com/SDMicroAdventures/events/223520925/ Here is a link to my google map - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HBZWucNfL1kEPqtb5-9XvRx1Tig&usp=sharing Since I have to limit this event to eight members, I have included a $22 commitment deposit, of which $20 will be refunded at the trailhead. $2 (10%) going to Meetup for their cut. So, I hope this event gets your adventure juices flowing and I look forward to seeing you guys out there! Jim

Bikepack Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island

Hey Everyone, Have you ever been backpacking and thought - "man I am really enjoying this, but I wish I could go a little farther and a little faster"? Well, bikepacking is the answer. And Catalina Island is an incredible place to get your feet wet in this sport/activity. If you have a mountain bike, then you are halfway there. Now you just need the racks and the packs and you are all set. Surprisingly, they aren't as expensive as they might seem. About the ride - All of the riding will be on dirt road, no singletrack :-( Per the rules of the Island Conservancy. There are some big climbs, and some fun downhills (but not technical), and we may have to negotiate with a bison or two. Along with riding, we can hike, swim, and even have time to enjoy the harbors that we will be camping at. The riding is great, but I really enjoy the access to the harbors and the wilderness that bikepacking gives us here. I could go on for a while, but words really don't do the island justice. Day One (Avalon to Little Harbor Campground) - Arrive at Avalon Harbor early, check in at the Conservancy, and get passes for anyone that needs them. Get any last minute supplies at Vons, then head out for Little Harbor. Depending on the group size and ability levels, we can take a detour to the Airport for lunch, or go straight to the campground. The awesome thing about Little Harbor campground (besides the incredible view) is that we will be camping about as close to the beach as you can get without being on the beach. So, if you are discreet, you could sleep right on the beach and no one would know ;-) Day Two (Little Harbor to Two Harbors) - We will get up early and make for Two Harbors, which should take between one and two hours. This is a pretty steady climb over a saddle between the harbors which will give us a good workout, but we will have most of the late morning and afternoon to do whatever we want around "town". We will be camping at the Two Harbors campground which is about a five minute walk from the "town". There is a market and cafe at Two Harbors. Day Three - This will be a pretty open day. We can ride out to Parsons Landing and explore the west end of the island, or hike around Two Harbors, or even just hang out at Two Harbors all day and snorkel or something. There are quite a few options. Day Four (Two Harbors to Avalon) - We will get a fairly early start, which should put us at Avalon around noon or 1:00, giving us plenty of time to enjoy what is becoming a traditional margarita and lunch at El Galleon. By 4:00 or so, we will be on the ferry back and really enjoying the cruise home. You know, watching the island get smaller, with the wind in your face, swapping stories with your new compadres. What a way to end the day. Here is the cost break down: • Conservancy Membership (http://www.catalinaconservancy.org/index.php?s=join&p=become_a_member) - $35 for the "Friend" level membership (good for a year) and is required to bike on the island. • Campground Fees - About $60 - $80 (minus the Conservancy member 50% discount). • Ferry Reservation - We will be taking the Catalina Flyer (http://catalinainfo.com/catalina-flyer-schedules-fares.html) - $70.00 round trip + $7 bike fee. Here is my google map - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pEwEqh_kqrWlKizRpqCnvZUzn8g&usp=sharing Here is a link to a previous event - http://www.meetup.com/SDMicroAdventures/events/224782937/ If you are interested and want to sign up here is the procedure: - Sign up for the event. - Call the Conservancy and have them add you to my itinerary (under Jim Hobbs) for Little Harbor (7/23) and Two Harbors (7/24 and 7/25). You can pay them over the phone, since on Catalina, they charge per camper not campsite. - Reserve a seat on the Catalina Flyer (Newport Beach to Avalon on 7/23 at 9 am and Avalon to Newport Beach on 7/26 at 4:30 pm). That should be it for now. I will send out more info as the date gets closer. Take care and see you out there! Jim

Whitewater Kayaking Course



Whitewater kayaking has been on my bucket list for some time now, and every year I say - "This is the year I do it", and every year that relatively short window of opportunity comes and goes, and every year I say - "next year for sure". Well it's 2020 and this is the year that this get's done! So, if you have had a similar desire and are looking for a challenge this Summer, what better way to learn a new skill than with you're like-minded adventure friends. The lessons are set up as a two day package, with the first day spent on the lake learning basic skills in a relatively safe environment. Day two will be on the river where we will learn more of the river skills, culminating in a final run down some class 2/3 rapids under the watch of our instructor. Another day of river time can be added if 3 or more paddlers can get the following day off. This course is run through Sierra South in Kernville and the cost is $310 for the two days. The lessons will be taking place on the Kern river in our local adventure town of Kernville, so I am planning on adding a couple days of mountain biking prior to the kayak lessons, because it would be almost criminal if I was in Kernville and didn't ride some of the epic trails up there. So, if you have a bike and want to get in some incredible downhill, look for this as a separate event on the calendar. Our lodging will consist of camping at the Mountain and River campground which has bathrooms and showers, so it's almost luxury accommodations. The cost of the campsite is covered by the sign up fee, but all other costs will be up to you, i.e. gear, food, gas, etc... I will set us as a group, but I will leave it up to the individual to sign up and pay with the outfitter directly. Here is a link to their site - https://www.sierrasouth.com/kayaking/whitewater-kayaking-101/ I will have the campsite for Friday night and Saturday night so I highly, highly recommend getting up there Friday afternoon/evening, so you don't risk being late on Saturday. Also, if you wish to bring a friend along, please have them join the group and sign up individually, it works much better this way. So, I urge you to tap into that adventurer spirit and take the plunge by penciling in the date, signing up, and joining me on this epic river experience. See you out there! Jim

Kayakpack Catalina Island

Two Harbors

Catalina Island is an incredible place to explore and the further you get from Avalon, the more solitude you will get. If you bike out from town, you lose the crowds, but if you paddle out from town you lose almost everyone. Note this is a joint event with my other group - The Adventure Life Project. If you are interested in joining (there's just a few spots left), please sign up at that groups event page - https://www.meetup.com/TheAdventureLifeProject/events/263691513/ There are some great campgrounds on Catalina and some of the best are the ones that you boat into. So that's what we will be doing. We will be camping on the leeward side (the side facing the mainland) about halfway between Two Harbors and Avalon for two nights. The camping is spartan (as if you were backpacking out into the wilderness) with no running water and no toilets of any kind, unless you consider a wag bag a toilet, and if you do, I salute you. Basically, whatever you bring should fit into a 70 liter backpack. Although, the cool thing about kayakpacking is that your kayak will easily hold more stuff than any backpack and it's easier to paddle it around than carry it. But keep in mind that you still have to get your stuff over there via the ferry, so don't go crazy. Here are some expected fees - Campsite fee ($50 - I know, camping is expensive on Catalina), kayak rental fee ($125), ferry passage ($75 roundtrip), food (Mountain House can get a little pricey), etc... I will get this info out as the date gets a little closer and we have our group set. I will also send out a gear list after the group is organized. Here is a video of our 2017 trip out there - https://youtu.be/-PUTzrznWGA And here's a map if you're into maps - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xZVB1k81vkNJcxgN-N6bkGHSZOM&usp=sharing I'm sure I am forgetting some important info, but I will update this as things pop into my head. If you can't join us on this one but would like to plan your own Catalina adventure, here are some helpful links to get you started: - https://kayakcatalinaisland.com/kayak-camping/ - https://www.visitcatalinaisland.com/things-to-do/two-harbors/boating/boat-in-camping/ Take care and see you out there! Jim

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Night Snorkeling/Caving at La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove

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