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Women, like men, grow rich with age. In today’s culture the process of changing as we age is oftentimes reduced to its negatives, and turned against us as fear of getting older. For women I know it’s a rough road. I believe that as we age through womanhood we are gathering riches overtime. Our internal life strengthens as we accumulate life experiences, memories and deepen our interests and relationships. Meanwhile the external self changes, yes. This change is sacred and undervalued.

Hello— My name is Lauren Hare and in my career as a fine art portrait photographer I focus on capturing images with care, respect and humor for each woman who honors me the privelage of sharing this time in her life.

This group is an opportunity to create community here in Portland around radical love and pride of our own womanhood as we age. This is a time to come together via art, portraiture, and community to CELEBRATE with dignity. This is a safe place, but it is not a support or therapy group. I want it to be an empowered place where the focus is not on our looks or our complaints — and instead on our gifts and tokens of _____ (you fill in the blank for yourself and lead with that!)

This group is open to all ages, but See Her is a very specific project I am creating over time of women 50+ who often report to feeling invisible due to her age alone.

This is not the way any woman should feel during what I term “The Glory Days”. I call BS on the sexist and ageist shame and promote the interesting, the wisdom, the love and beauty of the 50+

In this group I will be offering meetups where I open my studio doors and welcome you into my creative space. It will be a chance to create community, bring a loved one, and let’s create meaningful additions to my portrait book I am shooting that honors where you are and where you’ve been.

These meetups are also a great way for anyone needing portrait services to meet me, see my space and get a general idea of what working together may be like.

See more of my project at www.instagram.com/laurenhare

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