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After personally experiencing how any small gesture could enhance someones life, I decided to make it official. Offering something anonymously or doing something for a stranger while watching the reaction is about as rewarding as it gets. I don't want this to be something that turns out to be actions out of obligation or anything scheduled. Being spontaneous is the best way to go whenever any situation touches your heart. Seeds of hope offers just that, hope that their are people that care out there not because they want something back but because it feels right to do so. We can share ideas and stories where offering a helping hand, picking up the tab in any way such as beverages at a coffee shop or paying for groceries if possible. Many more ways of offering a gesture of kindness and unselfishness spreads beyond our expectations. I started this on Facebook and was so touched to hear peoples stories and the way they *want to give back. It all starts with our will. I feel there is so much good out there that needs to be recognized through your gracious hearts. In a World where there is so much sadness and despair the media seems to enjoy passing on the wrongs that people do, we can change that. Your intent will lead you to the people that will forever be thankful. This site is intended to share stories and perhaps meet up with people that are making a difference. We can connect in person for those that might appreciate that and come together towards creating more ways to plant *Seeds of Hope.

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