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    Please note that this is a subscription based membership group. Our fees are USD20/GBP20/EUR20 or RM90 (one-time). To join our free activities, please go to: My Home, Far Away from Home! ( Group.

    Hello, Hallo, Hola, Bonjour, Salve, Doroud, Merhaba, Halo, Privet, Namaste, Aloha, Konnichiwa, AHN-YOUNG-HA-SE-YO, Ni Hao, and a warm Selamat Datang!

    Life is too short not to meet NEW people, do something DIFFERENT and have FUN . This group will expose you to so many things you may never even knew existed as an Expat or one who has been an expat abroad. The best part is that this group holds interesting things for singles, couples, all age ranges, first timers, or the experienced who seeks to do it again.

    Don't worry about coming out alone, that's what most people do... We'll make sure that you have an opportunity to socialize and hopefully go home meeting tons of people and even make a few friends.

    This group has been around since mid July 2012! So what do we do? We do: Dining, Wine Tasting, Paint Ball, Dance Classes, Horse Back Riding, Gun Shooting, Archery, Fishing, Hiking, Skating, Rock Climbing, Cooking Classes, Bowling, Happy Hour and anything else you can think of. Just check out CALENDAR ( for upcoming events.

    We love diversity and encourage everyone to invite their expat friends from other regions of the planet to sign up. Grab your Brazilian, Australian, South African, Russian, Turkish, Spanish etc. co-worker/friend and let them join our group. Thanks.

    See you soon, Happy Networking, in the meantime, please read the Do's and Don'ts in our group!

    The Organisers!

    Unique features about the The KL Social Expats Group!

    1. Our membership is limited to 250 persons, and we are selective of who to join us.

    2. Our members are from around the world and including some from Kuala Lumpur.

    3. Members pay a token one time subscription fee.

    4. We have had over 60 meetups since the start of this Group in 2012!.

    5. Get access to Member's Personality Profile online for quicker direct connections!

    6. Our group professes a safe environment for all members with a zero tolerance to nonsense.

    We are young in age, and sometimes young at heart, but a mature group of individuals with a good taste in people, food, places, travel and in having a good time!

    So join us and have some fun!

    The Do's and Don'ts in this group:

    Reminder: This is a subscriber fee based group. Upon signing up, click on the membership payment button.

    1. Diversity, Ethnicity and Equality are to be embraced. If your views impinge on or offend others, you do not belong here.

    2. Cultivate a Sincere, Safe, and Secure environment. No Fake Meetup Profiles; not only will they be banned, but we will take them to the authorities. Honesty, Humility, and Helpfulness are to be fostered and encouraged.

    3. When signing up, please use a real picture of yourself, featuring only your full face. If a member cannot fulfill this very simple obligation, it appears they might not be worthy at all.

    4. RSVPs mean somebody or an organiser will take time to receive a member. If a member has signed up / RSVP'd ABLE and not bothered to inform well before hand their intention or inability to attend, this is considered a No-Show. This group has a zero-tolerance for No-Shows.

    5. We are here to genuinely put people together and prosper during their time in Kuala Lumpur. We don't appreciate individuals selling MLM, Financial investment schemes, and individuals who work the crowds at every event pushing their commercial agenda. We are already overwhelmed and this is not the group for it. Thanks for understanding.

    6. Please feel free to use the Discussion > Message Board to discuss future or potential meetups, business ideas or to post general questions to the community. Keep it genuine!

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