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SELF-MASTERY GYM is the place to go to understand and train your mind so you can live a better life. Everyone knows you go to the gym to work out your body; now come to SELF-MASTERY GYM to exercise your mind. Combining mindfulness practices with the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology (the "science of Happiness"), Attachment Theory and a host of other teachings, we apply the latest scientific findings about the mind and marry them with mindfulness practices to help you live a happier, healthier and freer life and to achieve your highest potential!

Whether you are new to - or are experienced at - training your mind, the lessons and practices we engage in can result in better relationships, greater success at work, mental clarity and problem solving abilities, an improved outlook on life, a lighter sense of being and more love in your life.

"Play camps" (workshops) are separate events and priced accordingly.

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