Reacting to the Modern Web with Matt LaForest


Knockout! … no no Backbone! … no no Angular! … no no Mustache! … no no Handlebars!

In the wonderful world of Javascript that we all live in new frameworks for alleviating the ills of the world are being released constantly. React.js is one of the new comers on the block. What is it exactly? Is it worth your time to even look at it? Does it bring anything fundamentally new to the table?

See how React really is a new and fresh approach to handling view concerns. Sigh with relief watching it work well in concert with one of the existing heavyweights in the MV* frameworks. Marvel as you use it in a node.js application to help blur the lines between the client and the server.

Bio for Matt LaForest

Growing up around Ann Arbor and swearing repeatedly in college that he did now want to be a software developer, Matt had a change of heart and fell in love with writing code when he learned more sustainable ways to develop it. Matt has a great passion for delivering great code and products, and can be found most nights experimenting with a new language or library. He is currently working at Motor Information Systems, in the great white north of Troy, helping to develop a wonderful user experience in a client side js application.