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Intro to Regex: Bend Text to Your Whim, with Henry Marshall

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301 E. Liberty floor 7 · Ann Arbor, MI

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Take the elevator to the seventh floor.

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Regular Expressions (regex) are a powerful pattern matching tool you can use for everything from find-and-replace, to input validation, to data extraction. In a world where JavaScript is constantly changing, Regex is one of the few programming skills you can learn today with the confidence you can use it in a decade. Best of all, regex are easy to learn -- “complex” searches are built out of the same handful of simple building blocks. At this meetup, you'll learn enough about Regular Expressions to start being able to write your own.

In addition to applications in code, we'll examine how you can user Regex to supercharge your editor, batch rename files, and play a Regex crossword puzzle.

Henry Marshall is a developer at Stripe where he primarily writes Ruby. As a side project he's written DeepSearch, a Chrome extension which enables Regex search on arbitrary web pages.

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