Vue from the Top: An Introduction to Vue.js with Doug Lance

SE Michigan JavaScript
SE Michigan JavaScript
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206 E Huron St · Ann Arbor, MI

How to find us

From the main Cahoots lobby, head down the hallway on the left to the event space in the back.

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## Summary

Over the past few years, Vue.js has grown quickly to rival Angular as the second most popular frontend framework. From simple interactive elements on basic websites to rich Single Page Applications, Vue.js can be used to build almost any web experience. Why would you choose Vue over React or Angular? Why is it growing so quickly? And how would someone get started using it?

In this talk, we'll go through the pros and cons of using Vue, learn how Vue works, explore styling and state management in Vue, and show a demo of a simple Vue.js application.

By the end of the event, you will understand the basics and be one step closer toward mastering Vue.js development.

## Biography

Doug Lance is a fullstack engineer at Arbormoon Software, Inc. He has been building for the web for almost 20 years and using Vue.js for the last 4 years.