• Discussion: How Do You Style Your JavaScript Apps?

    Online event

    After a long hiatus, SEM.js is gearing up to get back in action. We've been giving some thought about the best format to use until a time when we can begin meeting in person again. For many of us, one of the best parts of SEM.js has been getting together with other developers and finding out how they solve the same kinds of problems and challenges that we face. We learn about new tools, frameworks, and approaches, not only from our speakers but also from each other. There are no shortage of tutorials on Medium and videos on YouTube, but it's harder than ever to make personal connections with each other right now. So that's what we're going to focus on.

    For this meeting, we are going to be using Discord to discuss different approaches to styling a web site or application. There are many different methods, tools, and considerations, and it can be a bit bewildering at times trying to sort them all out. There is of course plain old CSS, but if you go that route, do you use a naming convention like BEM or OOCSS? How about a preprocessor or post-processor? Do you use CSS Modules? Or maybe you prefer to write your styles in JavaScript with Emotion or Styled Components. Or maybe you use a utility library like Tailwind or Tachyons? Or one of a hundred other approaches? Whether you have strong opinions or no opinions, have tried them all or are trying to determine what to try, or just want to come hang out, all are welcome to join.

    We will have an audio/video channel set up for the main discussion topic, as well as other breakout rooms available. This is a bit of an experiment, but we're excited to see you all again and get back into the swing of holding regular meetups. Feel free to click the link to the event at any time to join the Discord, and you can contact us either in Discord or directly though Meetup.com if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!

  • Purely Social Call

    Online event

    It's been too long since we've had a meetup. So even though we don't have a normal JavaScript presentation, let's get together and hang out a bit to chat. Come talk about what you've been up to, chat about any juicy JavaScript gossip, or the favorite book you've read recently. One of my favorite parts of this meetup is getting to meet folks and talk to friends, so let's do that while we wait for the world to settle down and get back to normality.

    Note that the time is not our usual 6pm. Since we don't have any pizza for you, we've moved the time to 9pm so folks have a chance to eat and put kids to bed or whatever.

    Hope to see you on Monday!

  • Crafting Testable JavaScript with Bob Fornal

    Online event

    # Summary:

    How confident can we be that untested code is free of bugs? Tested code increases confidence that a project is free of bugs.

    Good unit tests ... test only one method. Good unit tests should not rely on other methods being called or used and should have only a single assertion.

    Good integration tests ... verify that the parts can work together. Good integration tests strike a great balance on the trade-off between confidence and speed/expense.

    * Less than 50% code coverage on a project is a red flag.
    * Between 60% and 80% code coverage is the sweet spot.
    * Anything over 80% is gravy.

    What is testable code? What is a good unit test? Is there code we can watch for that can indicate potential issues that will make testing difficult? These questions and more will be covered in this presentation.

    # Bio

    Senior Developer with Leading EDJE: Husband, father, and programmer
    Husband, father, and ... programmer (senior developer). My focus is on front-end development:

    * JavaScript
    * CSS
    * SVG
    * AngularJS and Angular
    * React
    * Ionic

  • JavaScript: Past, Present, and Future with David Neal

    Online event

    Note: This is a virtual meetup. We will post the Zoom link before the event.

    Ah, JavaScript! Like it or not, it’s a “tragically important” language that is “eating the world.” Hate it? Love it? Avoid it? Embrace it?

    This talk is a parade of face-palm JavaScript fails, history of JavaScript, why it is the way that it is, how it's getting better, and bad jokes sure to get an eye-roll from everyone! Along the way, we may even learn a few mistakes to avoid and tips to make our own JavaScript less terrible!


    David is a family man, musician, illustrator, software developer, and Microsoft MVP living in North Georgia. He is currently a Senior Developer Advocate for Okta, runs on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and JavaScript, and is made entirely of bacon.

  • Bringing Ionic (and Web Components) to React - with Mike Hartington

    Note: this will be our first virtual meetup. A link to join will be added before the event, and you will need to RSVP to access it.

    ## Talk Description

    Ionic is a framework for building fast and powerful mobile, desktop, and web apps with web technology. Traditionally, Ionic has been built on top of one framework: Angular. But recently, Ionic added support for React, and aims to bring the same great development experience to the React ecosystem. In this talk, we’ll look at how an Ionic React app works and how this changes the React ecosystem (surprise, it's because of Web Components).

    ## About Mike Hartington

    Mike is a developer, Google Developer Expert, and Ionic Developer Advocate who’s been working in the mobile landscape for most of his professional career. When he’s not working on Ionic itself, Mike speaks frequently about mobile development and Progressive Web Apps. In his spare time, he’s an aspiring woodworker, occasional musician, and craft beer lover.