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SEMU Entrepreneurs Club - Tuesday June 11 2013 - The Small Is Beautiful Edition

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Dear fellow SEMU Entrepreneurs,

The South End MeetUp Entrepreneurs Club will have it's next meetup, Tuesday, June 11 , 2013 at 6pm!

Special update: Some refreshments for this meetup will be provided by El Pelon Taqueria ( El Pelon has two locations, one by Fenway Park, and the other right in fron of the last T stop of the B Line. Items will be:

Half Pan Plantains with Salsa

Cheese quesadillas

Chicken quesadillas

Chips with Salsa Fresca

The theme for this event is Small Is Beautiful (SIB). The inspiration for this theme is the book by the famous economist E.F. Schumacher - "Small Is Beautiful - Economics as if People Mattered". ( The book is a collection of essays by Schumacher that illustrate principles for economics in which he challenged the obsession with large scale production (bigger is better), was dehumanizing and unsustainable, and championed a people-centred economics because that would he believed would enable environmental and human sustainability. His philosophy embraced the ideas of "enoughness," appreciating both human needs, limitations and appropriate use of technology ( In SIB he defines three important demands of science and technology in order to positively impact the world:

We need methods and equipment which are:

cheap enough so that they are accessible to virtually everyone suitable for small scale application compatible with man's need for creativity. A very great example of this is an edition of PopTech ( which shows examples of innovators who have taken the SIB philosophy to heart:

PopTech Small is Beautiful Edition: The Micro-Everything Revolution (

In many ways, his philosophy laid the foundation for green technologies, lean thinking, the sharing economy, coworking, flexible manufacturing and a host of other innovations.

As of right now, I still have no speakers and presenters scheduled. If anyone would still like to volunteer in advance to make a presentation, demo or pitch, please contact me through this meetup. I would like to have also an informal group discussion about ideas projects or concepts related to SIB .

The meetup will take place at the community theater in the new Microsoft Store in the Prudential Center Mall.The event will start at 6pm and end at 8pm. The format is a 30 minute networking session followed by one or two keynote speakers/presenters, then some of our attendees will either engage in a round table discussion or pitch their own ideas or projects, and then finally the event will end with 30 minutes more of networking . After the presentations, remainder of the event will be more schmoozing and networking. Food and refreshments (non-alcoholic) will be provided.

Let us connect, communicate and hopefully collaborate at the SEMU Entrepreneur's Club.


Beruk Ambatchew