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Mary Dempsey had a very powerful life changing, transformational experience which felt like a miracle, after she had experienced a major life crisis in her life. She was once described by a teacher as dopey, timid, shy and anxious. This negative description didn't stop Mary. Mary Dempsey is now an Author, Speaker & Mentor consistently referred to as being a driving force for good, highly confident, focused, inspiring, motivational, unstoppable, resilient, witty, amusing and seriously positive - with a passion to bring out the gifts in people.

Mary believes strongly that it is her call in life to empower, encourage and equip individuals to experience their own transformation.

Seriously Positive has been providing coaching and workshops for over 10 years, including speaking in Europe and also for various organizations in London. Seriously Positive now provides two services - mentoring to professionals to boost their social and business confidence and also delivers transformational “Attract What You Deserve” workshops.

Seriously Positive is passionate about giving value to clients and delegates. All tools and techniques that are used within mentoring and teaching have all been successfully tested for their amazing results

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