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If you can code in C/C++, you can code in any language. Moreover, you can tackle any programming problem you want. No other language can make as powerful a claim. My thinking is that there are other people who would like to learn how to program in C++, and we'd love to be the one to help them, while brushing up on our skills at the same time. Convoluted languages like Java & Ruby & Python dominate the scene, despite being characteristically less efficient, more difficult to scale, and just plain more difficult to write properly in. Sure you can program something fast, but we all know projects don't end after the first demo. Please join if you're in the SF Bay area, know C++, or would like to know C++.

Please join https://www.meetup.com/ACCU-Bay-Area/ because that's where our meetups are announced nowadays!

Follow us @accuBayArea. (https://twitter.com/ACCU_SV)

Slides from all our previous meetups can be found here (https://github.com/accuBayArea/Slides).

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