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If you kitesurf / kiteboard you know it's one of the most addictive sports going. We kiters go to extreme lengths, spend loads of cash, put our personal relationships in peril, and travel ungodly distances in search the right kite experience. Entrepreneurs similarly risk their financial safety, put heavy stress on their personal lives, and travel a long road in search of that world changing opportunity. Kiters and Entrepreneurs, clearly, are cut from the same cloth. Any windy day at 3rd ave reveals this truth, between conversations of huge kiteloops, you will find discussions of business model 'pivots' in the next breath. The popularity of the MaiTai kite camps, chock full of high tech startup founders, confirms this significant overlap between these two communities. For these reasons, I thought this meetup group might find legs. My hope is that we can all network, both on and off the beach, sharing our experiences and contacts, as well as improve our kiting, and also our communities.

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F-OneDemo Day Alemdia

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Happy Times with KiteBoarders & SUPers

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Kite movie in Palo Alto!

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