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What we’re about

New to the DIY/do-it-yourself/build-it-yourself artificial pancreas? Wondering how to get the most you can from it? \

Due to mainly online support for these amazing tools, we formed an in-person resource group. You can participate online (as with other forums), or meet your fellow T1s in person!
Our group now covers both the Loop for Apple iOs and Android systems. The group is for people who are currently using a system, in-process of building, or interested in getting started. All T1s, parents of T1s,  significant others, friends and T1 supporters are welcome.
Our meetings:
Come meet others in-person with similar interests together with a wealth of experience. We’re a self-organized group of individuals wanting hands-on, live interaction about DIY artificial pancreas systems.
We hold meeting in both the south bay (San Jose) and east bay (Walnut Creek).  See the event schedule for dates & times.
Why DIY? It's infinitely more flexible, responsive, and has rave reviews from those who dare. A note, a few people currently have a commercially available AP but are switching to the DIY system. If this is you, this group is also for you.

Our group leverages our real-world experiences using DIY artificial pancreas systems, and discusses techniques we use to maintain or improve our blood sugars and free up our lives. We aim to leverage our collective knowledge; supplement the online forums that exist; create a searchable database or documents; and share this with our group and the greater DIY community. There is also a growing number of tools/apps that can be used with DIY artificial pancreas systems to manage diabetes, and we explore these too.
Citizen science is a powerful tool. Together we have "swarm intelligence" that is created by ordinary people, each with pieces of knowledge, pooling their resources-- similar to how bees survive and promote their hive. Not only is this knowledge unavailable in the traditional healthcare system, but we as users often get the results first. That is invaluable for managing T1.
#WeAreNotWaiting !!

Resource links
OpenAPS: ;