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Neural Networks for Machine Perception

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Main Talk: Neural Networks for Machine Perception

Speaker: Ilya Sutskever ( (Google)


Neural Networks are computational learning models that are loosely based on real neurons. They can learn to perform various tasks by iteratively adjusting their connections. Recently, Neural Networks have enjoyed considerable success in speech recognition and visual object recognition. In this introductory talk, I will explain how neural networks learn and why they succeed, then describe how they've been used to achieve true state-of-the-art results on speech and visual object recognition.

Lightning Talk: Data Science at Flurry

Speaker: Soups Ranjan ( (Flurry)


Flurry provides mobile app analytics and mobile advertising products to app developers. In this talk I will provide insights in to how our Data Science team applies machine learning to a variety of problems, including Ad Revenue Optimization, Real-Time Bidding (RTB) strategy to purchase ad inventory programmatically, and Recommender Systems.

Tentative Schedule:

6:30-7:00 - socializing

7:00-7:20 - lightning talk

7:20-8:30 - main presentation

8:30-9:00 - socializing

Special thanks:

Flurry ( for hosting!

CayMay Education ( for recording the event.