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Bitcoin SF Devs Seminar: Let's go deep into cryptography principles

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Pavel Kravchenko, PhD in Information Security from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics in the Ukraine will introduce us to cryptography principles.

1. general concepts in cryptography - confidentiality, integrity, availability

2. general “myths” and challenges in cryptography

3. basics - numbers theory, computational complexity, probability distributions, math problems, elliptic curves, symmetric and asymmetric algorithms

4. Main crypto primitives in cryptography - key generation, hash, encryption, digital signature with examples .

NOTE: We may not have time to cover the topics below. But we will leave them here if any further interest to explore or if we have time.

5. Protocols - authentication, key exchange, zero knowledge with examples

6. Public key infrastructure - man in the middle, certificates, open problems I will also cover basics + examples (RSA, ECDSA, AES, SHA etc), but will be mostly focused on WHY it works (designed, suppose to be etc) like this than HOW exactly every algorithm works in details.

Beer will be provided! Yeah!