SF Bitcoin Devs Hack Day: Proof-of-Stake And Its Improvements

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16 people went

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Nxt developer & smartcontract.com (http://smartcontract.com/) cofounder Alexander Chepurnoy will give a detailed description of an Nxt-like proof-of-stake consensus algorithm & possible known improvements of it. Different attacks on the algo (short & long private forks, history attacks, and the very famous Nothing-at-Stake attack) will be considered along with simulation results. An innovative approach for proof-of-stake consensus improvement will then be presented. Finally, after a brief overview of some formal models around blockchain properties being built, an ultra-compact cryptocurrency engine for hackers within just 4K lines of Scala code will be presented!

Join us to get a better understanding of proof-of-stake and a broader idea of what consensus could mean in a cryptocurrency environment. Also, Alexander is looking for enthusiasts to work on simulations and formal proofs around proof-of-stake using Haskell & Coq and a cryptocurrency engine built with Scala.

We will be at Startup House, and we will be serving breakfast for those who attend!

Github: https://github.com/ConsensusResearch (simulation tools made with Haskell and Coq & papers about proof-of-stake), https://github.com/kushti