What we're about

Who We Are

This group exists to bring together technology entrepreneurs teamed with creative artists solving local business challenges and local businesses looking to grow using new business and art technologies. By 2020 all businesses will be digital according to Gartner Group. Only the digital will survive. 3D printing in the cloud is revolutionizing ART!

What We Do

Using a mixture of creative discussion, presentation and discussion formats, we provide a learning community for members and invited guests to share their business challenges and knowledge, and to present their expertise and the projects and products they are working on. We are also inviting creative artists to join in and learn how to use technology for their business and help small businesses creatively solve their problems.

Who Should Join
"Local businesses looking to grow" can include anyone selling anything to customers "locally." This can be national chains, StartUps or individual proprietorships. Those who will get the most out of the group will be owners and executives looking to exploit emerging technologies to give them an edge in the global marketplace.

San Francisco is a StartUp Hub so our definition of local business is different. Many of the "Local Businesses" include tech or creative Artist StartUps in addition to traditional service, restaurant and retail businesses. Many of these businesses are run by students, immigrants and Veterans.

"Tech entrepreneurs solving local business challenges" should be aspiring students seeking internships, entrepreneurs, founders or executives of startups, existing traditional local businesses or leaders of innovation units of corporations who are developing new technologies that will help local businesses better reach and serve their customers.

We will aim to have a balance of members from our creative, technical cultural communities, and to invite presenters and panelists from a cross-section of relevant businesses and fields of expertise.

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Let's Talk Tech for Students & Dreamers (November 23rd)

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Mama's Art Cafe

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