Mobius: Building a truly decentralized DApp store on Stellar with $10,000 Prize



SF Cryptocurrency Devs is an engineers-only developer meetup for blockchain engineers seeking to learn about the innovation surrounding new and emerging applications of cryptography to digital currencies.

We would like to introduce SF Cryptocurrency Developers to Mobius!

Mobius had one of the Top 5 token sales of 2018, selling out of their MOBI token with $39M, while ALSO closing $3M in equity investment. Their DApp Store is ranked number one on Google search.

Mobius will discuss how they built a non-custodial DApp Store on Stellar where payments go directly from users to developers with no fees! Mobius will also talk about future innovation on top of Stellar including development plans to further decentralize the DApp Store by moving key data on-chain and plans for MOBI holder community votes.

They'll also talk about decentralized file storage systems (Storj, Sia, and Filecoin) and how Filecoin is actually an Ethereum competitor

Finally, they'll announce winners of the DApp Build Challenge! Winner gets $5K and runners-up $2.5K - in MOBI, to trade or to HODL. Bug bounty hunters will also be rewarded at the event! No RSVP? No Prize Monay!

Read more here:

Winners will be judged based on merit by Mobius and SF Crypto Devs. For documentation, see the:

* App Demo:

* Ruby SDK:


PHP and Unity SDKs coming in next 2 weeks -- email [masked] or join our Slack if you have questions.

To make a Build Challenge submission, please upload your DApp on the Mobius DApp store, comment below that you are participating and SEE YOU ON THE 20TH!

Featured Speaker:
David Gobaud, CEO Mobius