• WAX in San Francisco

    Starfish Mission - Emerging Tech Coworking Space

    WAX Organizers: Infinitybloc, Blocksmith, EOS San Francisco, WAX About this Event: Infinitybloc, Blocksmith and EOS SF are pleased to present WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange). WAX.io is the second largest EOSIO empowered blockchain beside EOS mainnet. After successfully completing the WAX token sale in 2017, Malcolm CasSelle is in San Francisco to talk about the developments on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) - a blockchain designed for digital goods e-commerce with fiat payments, free accounts and a service layer designed for scale. Come to explore how nearly 600,000 consumers have adopted NFTs, trading and games on a blockchain. Presenter: Malcolm CasSelle from WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). Malcolm CasSelle most recently led a $100M token sale as President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and CIO of OPSkins, the number one marketplace for buying and selling items from online video games and most used blockchain in the world for eCommerce. Previously, Malcolm was a co-founder of PCCW, a publicly-traded telecom based in Hong Kong currently valued in excess of $35 billion USD. He holds degrees in Computer Science from both MIT and Stanford University. Panel: After Malcolm's presentation we will be joined by representatives from the EOSIO community for a panel discussion regarding the current landscape of the EOSIO ecosystem. Refreshments and snacks will be provided at the event. Date and Time: Monday, August 15,[masked]:00-9:00pm PDT Location: 1535 Mission St, San Francisco Potential panel questions What areas of gaming do you think will be most impacted by NFTs? Which platforms show promise for advancing gaming in a blockchain enabled game? What are the big console players, (eg Microsoft, Sony) doing to capitalize on the space? What are the big game developers (eg Blizzard, Valve) doing to capitalize on the space? How will WAX be helpful in the gaming space? How will WAX grown and take market share? Are you excited about Voice? How will Voice play a role in gaming? What's has more exciting potential, NFTs or DEXes? What do you think of corporate controlled chains such as Libra?

  • EOS dApp Workshop

    Starfish Mission - Emerging Tech Coworking Space

    Do you want an easy place to learn what’s new in blockchain? The good news is it just got easier than ever to get into crypto. Don't miss this EOS workshop. We'll help you get set up and learn the basics. The big news is the "Voice" social media site. It aims to compete with Facebook and pay you when you use the site. We'll explain all the details. We'll also show you all the newest crypto games? Tower defense, puzzles, RPGs, poker, etc. Which apps earn rewards? Which apps are useful? Where is the space headed? This is new. Until this year, a real use for blockchain seemed elusive. That changed VERY recently. If you want to be on the bleeding edge, don't miss this meetup. Jun, Max, & Brandon just returned from the EOS announcement in Washington DC. You'll be getting info straight from the source. Techies, activists, scholars, mathematicians, revolutionaries and malcontents are invited. Tentative Agenda: 6:30 to 7:00 Informal networking. 7:00 to 7:45 Main presentation. 7:45 to 8:30 general crypto talk

  • EOS World Expo Presents - BLOCK PARTY @ Starfish Mission

    Starfish Mission - Emerging Tech Coworking Space

    EOS World Expo Presents Block Party Join us to toast the success of EOSIO, arguably the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. Mingle with Brock Pierce, Colin T Crypto, Rob Fynch, Luke Stokes and many other notable EOSIO/Crypto personalities. Listen to music by Emanate and Crypto Feez and hold your breath as a mysterious game changing product is unveiled launched live on EOS! Expect the announcement to be big, the team behind this(who shall not be named until the night) have some of the biggest crypto projects under their belt already. Food and Drinks Provided. Tickets just $15USD at https://www.eosworldexpo.com/ Expo VIP's and Sponsors are FREE, Just bring your VIP expo badge EOS World Expo, is a collaboration between Infinitybloc, EOS blocksmith, and EOS San Francisco. Find out more and purchase tickets at eosworldexpo.com About the venue: Starfish Mission is a hub for emerging tech communities with a focus on blockchain/Web3 and AI, based out of the mid-market area in San Francisco. As an organization, and network, Starfish is committed to creating spaces and learning networks for a community of builders, and doers. Offerings at Starfish include coworking and office space, curated industry events, and education. Reach us at [masked] or visit www.starfish.network

  • EOS World Expo - San Francisco

    150 Hooper St

    EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF EOS Since the launch of the EOS mainnet 9 months ago, development on EOSIO has exploded. EOS has eclipsed other blockchains in daily transactions, daily active users, and the pace of dApp development. EOS has grown so fast it’s impossible to keep up. The EOS World EXPO is an opportunity to catch all the new progress in one place. The EOSIO community of the greater San Francisco Bay has come together to host an electrifying dApp showcase event, the EOS WORLD EXPO. Buy tickets at: https://www.eosworldexpo.com (50% Early bird discount until March 23rd) The EOS WORLD EXPO provides a platform for decentralized apps to demo their products to 300–400 tech, crypto and VC attendees wanting to experience EOSIO projects first hand. No more sad promises from unfulfilled white papers and illusions of lambos. The EOS World Expo will be showing off real applications doing real things — everything from gaming apps and social media, to finance and music is being revolutionized. Join us on April 13–14th for the most interactive EOS event of the year! Get hands on, learn and get in at the ground floor of a web 3.0 future. What to expect: - 60+ companies showcase & demo at expo hall - Networking mixer - Business meetings - Company livestream interviews - Photo shoots - Job fair - Investor speed dating - Unconference sessions - Exclusive previews - Free crypto, accounts, and swag. For exhibitors: - Connect with early adopters - Meaningful partners - Qualified investors - Developer talent Buy tickets at: https://www.eosworldexpo.com (50% Early bird discount until March 23rd) The Location: San Francisco is home to Uber, Airbnb, Google, Lyft, Coinbase and 1000s of startups. EOS World Expo San Francisco, presents an unmatched experience to take notice or be noticed on the world stage by early adopters, developers and venture capital. Buy tickets at: https://www.eosworldexpo.com (50% Early bird discount until March 23rd) Website: https://www.eosworldexpo.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/eosworldexpo Telegram: https://t.me/eosworldexposf Email: [masked]

  • Pre World Expo Event - Dapp Future by Obsidian Labs @ Starfish

    Starfish Mission - Emerging Tech Coworking Space

    Details This is going to be a great event for beginners, showcasing how to build smart contracts with ease, using EOS Studio. There will also be a presentation from Aikon, creators of ORE Chain and ORE ID and we will finish off with a panel discussion, you simply cannot miss this event! Around 9pm we will go next door to The Forgery. ----------- Agenda 6:30 Networking 7:00 How to start to build smart contracts using EOS Studio & Introduction of EOS Studio 7:15 Dapp introduction Aikon 7:30 Panel talk: Blockchain Dapp Future and Development 8:10 Q&A 9PM Kick on to The Forgery bar next door --------------------- About the attendee Phil Li CEO of EOS Studio and Obsidian Labs Former founder and CTO of Officewell and Mexue Technology Co., Ltd. PhD in Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Top 10 in Putnam Mathematical Competition. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT industry and created two products with millions of users. https://www.eosstudio.io/ https://www.obsidianlabs.io/ Justin Giudici Co-Founder & CEO of Infinitybloc.io Experienced Product Manager who has been in blockchain space since 2013. Justin was part of the EOS main net launch and an avid supporter of EOSIO technology. Justin is excited to finally be able to execute on a number of product ideas now that EOSIO tech is providing the throughput, speed and capability necessary to make them a reality. Marc Blinder Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer for AIKON. AIKON makes it easier for developers to build blockchain apps and for people to use them. AIKON is best known for their identity service called ORE ID that connects non-technical people to blockchain apps using Oauth logins. Blinder ran his first company at 28 years old, a social network called Mobileplay (which he sold to Good Technology) and became Creative Director at Context Optional which sold to Efficient Frontier for $50M. At Efficient Frontier, Marc set up the social business across EMEA before the company was acquired by Adobe for $400M. This event is free but you will also want to get yourself tickets to the main event: https://www.eosworldexpo.com/

  • EOS dApp Showcase

    Starfish Mission - Emerging Tech Coworking Space

    Amazing projects are being built on EOS. Come join active members of the EOS community who will demo the the latest popular and some up and coming dApps on the EOS ecosystem. If you don't have an EOS account, don't worry we'll help you set one up for free at the meetup! Brandon Parker - EOS San Francisco Max Infeld - EOS San Francisco Shaheen Counts - eosBlockSmith Justin Giudici - infinitybloc Come join us to see what dApps you can use on EOS today!

  • EOS: The State of The dApps

    Starfish Mission

    **Food & Drinks will be provided!** Our panelists: Tray Lewin Tray founded 3 software companies with $50M+ in sales. He's a full-stack coder with an MBA from MIT. He's technical at heart, but also comfortable negotiating deals. He believes great ideas come from great people. He works with startups accordingly. He was the Global Tech Strategist at Microsoft for 9 years. Now he's putting blockchain tech to work as CTO of Aikon. Ali Ayyash Ali is the Founder & CEO of Lumeos building a decentralized social platform on EOS focused on data ownership and privacy. He is a tech entrepreneur with over 6 years of software engineering in Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems and Blockchain. Prior to Lumeos Ali was a software engineer at Google and Amazon, and was the Co-founder & Lead Engineer at Beetoken where he designed and built one of the early hybrid decentralized applications on Ethereum. He is also a technical advisor for multiple Blockchain startups, and runs a blockchain blog at https://medium.com/@aliayyash with publications in Forbes, Hackernoon, Cryptoverze, and Apple News. Rose Ren Rose is Cofounder of Obsidian Labs, a Y-combinator-backed company. She has extensive experience in Investment and Public Relations. She was former Marketing Lead of Bodhi, former investment manager of Continue Capital and Danhua Capital. Rose received Bachelor’s degree of Economics and Math from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Moderator: Brandon Parker, Happy Money Man, EOS SF Brandon’s background spans biotech, aviation, investment, & business. He started as the youngest helicopter pilot in the US and became a commercial flight instructor. In the Silicon Valley, he was a Cord Blood Education Specialist with the world’s largest private stem cell bank. Brandon is the blockchain Founder of The EOS Podcast, Happy Money Man Media & Steemit San Francisco. He contributed to the launch of EOS Mainnet as a board member for the Tulip Conference. Brandon owns an NCAA National Championship and a degree in Economics. Ask Them Anything (ATA): What can we expect to see in 2019? What dApps are catching fire? What are your favorite dApps and why? What dApps should I invest in that will make me rich? What dApps give out enough rewards so I can quit my job? What dApps have the best tokenomic models? What challenges are dApps facing how do companies overcome them? What is the latest in ICOs and fundraising? What industries will dApps be most successful and why? What is happening with the mainnet, sidechains or sisterchains? How does EOS stack up against other blockchains? When moon?

  • ¨`*·~-.¸- EOS Holiday Party!!! -,.-~*´¨

    Starfish Mission

    Hey EOS friends, Oh boy it's been a tough crypto winter... But let's not let that get in the way of enjoying the holidays! Meet up with other EOS and crypto enthusiasts to share your stories and plans for the new year! Get to know all the movers and shakers in the EOS ecosystem and if that's not enough we'll have some fun and games.. -Beer pong ...sure -Cornhole.... why not.. -Poker ... yes! (Psst..Crypto trading and gambling are really just the same thing right?) There will be drinks, snacks and some holiday cheer... To Starfish ... Thank you for providing such a wonderful & collaborative space for crypto projects and events this year! Thanks Aikon & EOS Blocksmith for sponsoring this event! To EOS... Thanks for giving us a shot at building usable crypto apps for the average person...we're getting oh so close! To Incubeos the new EOS dApp incubator..Because you dApp, I dApp we dApp! Partners include: Starfish, EOS San Francisco, EOS Blocksmith, EOS Silicon Valley, infinitybloc, Lumeos, Obsidian Labs, Aikon To the brand new EOS San Francisco block producer that will be the bridge to adoption. To Nougit & Six Degrees... first & third place winners in the SF EOS Hackathon and coming back from a rigorous Grand Finale! Thanks everyone.. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • HODL to Hacks - How to secure crytpocurrencies from cyber criminals

    David Packham, of block producer EOS42, will be speaking on Optimism and challenges for the EOS blockchain, he will be addressing issues with governance, arbitration, RAM and RAM hording. Followed by a short Q&A. Our keynote will be Ken Holder, CTO of Keepkey hardware wallet. From Mt. Gox to the present, Hodlers, investors, and blockchain professionals alike have been plagued by malicious malware and devious hackers. These devastating experiences all lead to the same problem, protecting ones private keys in the most effective and secure manner. Multiple solutions evolved from this problem: online wallets, paper wallets, mobile wallets, exchanges, and hardware wallets have all emerged on the other side and each option has its own utility in the industry, but hardware wallets standout as the most advantageous for security. Tonight, we will be hearing from Ken Holder the co-founder of KeepKey to demonstrate a new advanced Hardware wallet which can help you safely secure your private keys for over 36 difference cryptocurrencies. The hardware wallet also has real ease of use due to its browser integration. Come learn what else is new about this hardware wallet, followed by a Q&A. At the event we will also be holding a RAFFLE for several free KeepKeys! So be sure to come before 7pm to get a raffle ticket before the drawing. If you would like the chance to win a free wallet and learn more about its functions come join use at DLA Piper at 555 Mission Street, San Francisco.

  • EOS Ignite: Very First Webcast Conference for EOS Token Holders

    Come join us for the first ever global virtual conference for EOS token holders and enthusiasts! This 24hr event will be jam packed with the latest insights from the most active block producer team members from around the world as well as key community leaders. You can sign up directly here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/eos-ignite-conference Or find more information about speakers & schedule here: https://eosignite.com What is the future of account recovery if you get hacked or lose your keys? How much governance is good for EOS? What is the latest with EOS technology? Wow... 3,000+ TPS Record? What’s the best way to get involved in the community? Speakers include Thomas Cox, a key thought leader in blockchain governance Top block producers include: Kevin Rose - EOS NY David Packham - EOS 42 Josh Kauffman - EOS Canada Luke Stokes - eosDAC Sean Anderson - EOS Sweden Rohan Abraham - EOS Authority Igor Lins e Silva - EOS Rio ..and many more. We’ll also have dozens of dApp companies pitch their company! Learn more about them. Companies include: Chintai, Parsl, Lumeos, Credify, Unico, Eva, Fitblox, Codum, EDNA, Insights Network, IfWhenThen, TundraX, Workcoin, Emanate, Aikon, ChallengeDAPP… and more!