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Free Lesson on Wing Chun(martial art that Bruce Lee practiced)

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Wing Chun is a very unique and effective martial art. It is a system of fighting that enabled a smaller, weaker person such as herself to destroy a bigger, stronger person within a few seconds.

Come and learn about the basic principles of Wing Chun from the master coach and make friends with others interested in martial art! For more information, refer to here:

What makes Wing Chun Powerful?

Wing Chun is different from many of today's popular styles, such as karate, tae kwon do, and Shaolin kung fu. While these styles block first and then attack, a Wing Chun student will defend and attack simultaneously. Wing Chun students also do not draw back before striking; instead, they strike from any position. This method both increases the speed and eliminates the telegraphing of the strike. In this way, in the time it takes a karate student to throw one or two punches, a Wing Chun student will throw at least nine.

While most other styles rely on windup to generate striking force, Wing Chun uses the structure of the entire body to create power in a small space. Wing Chun's famous "one-inch punch" is a testament to its striking power. Because proper positioning will overcome sheer strength, much of a Wing Chun student's time is spent training his or her body to move precisely and efficiently. Wing Chun uses chi sao (sticking hands) training to develop this precision and economy of motion.

Bruce Lee playing Wing Chun with grandmaster Ip Man.

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