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Krista: "The activation circle is a co-creative space. We help people tune into their own inner wisdom to allow intuition and creativity to emerge.

"We clear out the space before people come and set up an altar for people to bring sacred objects. Through the circle we create a confidential space of non-judgement.

"We start with a guided meditation to help people connect with their higher self. We help people to tune into the higher self and allow intuition and images and experiences in the meditation to speak or guide the circle. After the meditation we open up the space to reflect on our experiences in the meditation to allow anything that comes through to speak."

If you attend the 1-230 Activation Circle, you will be able to stay and cowork with the Happiness Institute community from 230-4. Happy Hours with the Free School begins at 4.

Find "Happy Hours" in the 'Pages' tab for more details.

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