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Hi everyone,

If interested in hosting a meet-up this year on your past travels please post in the comment section below. This 'event' is just so people can post in comment section and is not an actual event.

So I get a lot of messages from people wanting to find travel partners or wanting to learn more about a specific country. Well we have people in this group who have been to those countries and can offer tips and suggestions so I thought of a good way to connect the two.

Starting next month one of our members will present to the group about a specific country they have been to and have knowledge of and then if you are interested in traveling there or just looking to hear more about that country you can come.

I am in another group that did this and its really fun and informative! I am also doing this with another LGBTQ group as well. :-)

This will also be great for the host of the meet-up; as how many times have we traveled and taken a ton of photos and never really looked at them again so this way you can somewhat re-live your awesome travels while helping others who want to go there.

It would also be a good way to meet potential travel partners as well.

We will find a place that has a computer hook up and you can show pics and maps and just tell people about your experience in that country; what you liked and what you disliked, gay-friendly hotels and venues as well as what the scene is there, transportation, budget, etc...

We need involvement from the group though. So if you have knowledge of a specific area both domestic or abroad ( and about the gay scene there) then you can post below in comments with area you have knowledge of.

Each month we will choose a different location so maybe one month someone can present on Mexico and the next month someone can present on Spain and one month on a gay friendly cruise and so on.

So please post about the area you think you could present on in the comment section below. We will do this once a month.

You don't have to have extreme knowledge of that area but be able to help people who want to go there that might have questions about what city to visit, safety for LGBTQ, what to bring, whats the food like, gay-friendly establishments, etc....

Thanks everyone and please post in the comment section below what you have knowledge of and then we will pick the host for our first meet-up and we will pick someone new each month!