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Welcome to the San Francisco Pagan Community.

SF Pagan Community is a Pan-Pagan organization for people, who want to be active in a Pagan community. The SF Pagan Community is also open to people who are committed to exploring Paganism.

As a Pan-Pagan organization, we do not have a specific tradition that the organization follows or promotes. So our members may follow different traditions, such as Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, Reconstructionists Norse, Celtic or Kemetic (Egyptian) pantheons, or Yoruba, to give some examples.

Lastly, the SF Pagan Community is a inclusive community that does not discriminate based on gender, racial-ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, class or political affiliation.

Our purpose is:

To socialize & build community with like minded folks,

To learn & explore what it means to be a Pagan and about the different Pagan traditions,

To go to public rituals together,

To support each other’s individual practices and forms of worship,

To create a network of small groups (ie: Covens, Temples, Kindreds, Groves, and Rings)

- so members can find a small group to join;

- so members can form their own small group;

- so affiliated small groups can find new members.

And to be a community for Solitary Pagans that are not interested in being apart of small group.

If you join this group, we would like:

That you are active and engaged in the community.

That you will treat other members with respect and dignity.

That you will listen to what others have to say and be open to learning.

That you will assume people’s best intentions.

Currently, the membership of this Meetup will be capped at 40. If we have people interested in joining, people who are not attending regularly will be dropped so new folks may join.

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