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Founded in 2009 by now-CFO of The Entrust Group, Gary Kowalski, the San Francisco Professional Career Network (SFPCN) provides a welcoming forum to learn, share, and announce goals and needs in your career search and transition.

Many of us are looking for a new job, but are struggling to find one. The best way to enhance your job prospects is by expanding your network and the search strategies you use. The mission of SFPCN is to help you build upon each of these by assembling professionals from a broad range of industries and providing a forum where you can learn, share your experiences, announce your goals and needs, and find new job search strategies. Programs are arranged in three formats:

1) Job search skill development workshops: We cover all the fundamental skills necessary for the job search, including effective networking, interviewing, building PAR stories and developing your personal brand. The workshops promote lots of interaction between members and lead to natural networking between those who “connect” in some way. It’s always fun and productive, and the workshops keep your skills sharp!

2) Program speakers: SFPCN presents vibrant speaker programs that will add to your business knowledge and job searching tool kit. Recent speakers have included acclaimed author Nancy Anderson, LinkedIn expert Jason Alba and motivational speaker Allison Massari. Presentations run from 60 to 75 minutes, including a Q & A session.

3) Pure Networking: These are gatherings that provide an opportunity for members to get to know one another in an informal, relaxed environment. We share ideas, strategies, stories, and enjoy ourselves. It’s a great way to join in for those who find informal gatherings more convenient. The better we know one another, the more we can help one another.

Our group is friendly, dynamic, and receptive, and can be a real catalyst in propelling your job search. All generations are welcome from centennials to millennials to generation x people to even baby boomers.

Please feel welcome and join us!

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Upcoming events (4)

Happy Hour @ Ben and Nick's

Ben 'N Nick's Bar & Grill

We are having our third happy hour event at Ben & Nick's. This is the first event we've hosted in Rockridge, let alone Oakland so we're pretty stoked to say the least. Event is pretty casual, low key and straight forward. Food may be provided but if not, you can order it and drinks at the bar. Very laid back environment but you also get to meet a variety of business professionals in the East Bay and elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Goal with all happy hours is: How can you as a job seeker do better with networking?

Meetup @ China Beach

China Beach

We're tentatively meeting at China Beach to relax, enjoy the day and mingle at the same time. No real agenda. Will keep everyone posted.

Happy Hour @ Au Coquelet Cafe

Au Coquelet Cafe

This meetup is going to be held in Berkeley but this is a tentative date as of now. As with other meetups in this group, still have to get the community active again so we're keeping these dates and locations tentative. TBD.

Happy Hour @ The Tonga Room

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

Happy hour not official. Will need to get confirmation from the Fairmont Hotel and the Tonga Room on confirming this location.

Past events (10)

LinkedIn & Networking Workshop

San Francisco Public Library

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