Scala.JS Hackathon w/ Haoyi Li, James Ward, and Dick Wall at Nitro

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Setup: please configure your sbt to use our local proxy per => repositories to avoid uplink saturation. tl;dr: drop into ~/.sbt/repositories, invoke sbt as sbt­.repos=true, report missing repos in a comment thread below.

Hackathon Agenda and operating procedure:

12-12:30pm mingling in the All Hands (corner with red couches)

12:30-1pm lunch in the kitchen -- please be back in All Hands by 1pm sharp

1pm Welcome, Day Plan, and Announcements in All Hands -- be there!

by 7pm: submissions!

submit TWO URLs: URL of a deployed project and the URL of the github repo with code and a README file listing all team members as a comment below in the Submissions thread.

8pm judging and prizes in the All Hands!

Listen for the sound of the gong to reconvene in the All Hands.

Use the comments below for general/broadcast announcements (sparingly).

Invite all your dev friends, short URL:

Update 0: Hands-on Scala.js book is out (, and it's amazing. Read it over the weekend and come hack with the author!

Update 1: James Ward, Principal Platform Evangelist at Salesforce and #1 Play expert on Stack Overflow, will join us for this event!

Update 2: Dick Wall, Developer Advocate at Typesafe and the patriarch of Bay Area Scala meetups, will join us for this event!

Update 3: Major material prize: iPad. Major experiential prizes: 3 registrations of choice to the SF Scala By the Bay conferences (,, or bigdatascala.otg); 5 seats to the 30-people-only, no-video, free all-day Shapeless workshop by Miles Sabin (to be held around ScalaDays at Nitro).

SF Scala runs its first hackathon for Scala.js, lead by the inimitable Haoyi Li himself -- the sunny guy who made it a famous project enabling Scala developers to contemplate writing web apps in Scala! As Swift devs say "we waited Objective C out to do FP on iOS", so the dazzling possibility of writing full-stack apps in Scala is near.

The goal of the hackathon is to use Scala.js and Play/Akka stacks to write complete web applications/startups in a day, starting at noon on Tuesday, January 27th, and going until done. Prizes will be awarded, food, power and the Internet provided thanks to Nitro. Since the seating is limited to 75 hackers, we want to maximize the results by making sure the best teams get to play. Specifically:

-- Everyone codes
-- Everyone codes reasonably well in Scala
-- Everyone has a basic familiarity with web apps/can learn quickly

In order to jump-start and select the teams, it's very helpful to prepare and set up a basic Scala.js app using its documentation. Follow these guidelines from Haoyi:

You'll need to do some basic homework to get Scala.js set up and working! This shouldn't take more than an hour and would need to be done eventually anyway, so roll up your sleeves and prepare to work. Your task it to set up a basic hello-world Scala.js application and publish it or just send us a screenshot!

To begin with, the easiest way is to start from any one of the skeleton applications:

Any of these should be enough to get a basic Scala.js application running locally. Make some kind of change to the Scala.js app, and refresh the browser to see the change take effect. You can now take a moment to play around with the Scala.js code to see what you can do with it, and leave your mark on the hello-world apps.

If you like, put the resultant HTML/javascript files up online (heroku, gh-pages, s3, dropbox-public-folder, etc.) and feel free to send us a link and/or share the code with us it a public github repo, or tweet it at @sfscala.

If you need more documentation or are interested in learning more, check out (

Alternatively, just answer the programming question during the signup and do the setup in advance at your own pace.