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LangSec Meetup -- Treat Security as a Programming Language Problem!
This is a joint event with Bay Area Haskell User Group (, held at Formation, the citadel of thoughtful functional programming. Join us! ----- Ambiguity Is Insecurity It’s 2018, and every day it seems as if there are more and more software vulnerabilities. Where do they come from, and how can we plug the holes? We’ll explore the ways in which implementations accidentally betray the intentions their specifications promised, and how to close the vulnerability gap, through the lenses of formal language theory and type theory, in this introduction to language-theoretic security. Bio: By day a mild-mannered software engineer, by night the leader of the Langsec Conspiracy (, Meredith L. Patterson lives in Brussels, Belgium. She wrote and maintains the Hammer parser generator library ( When not travelling to far too many infosec conferences, she enjoys bicycling, cooking, and target shooting.

Formation Inc.

35 Stillman St. · San Francisco, ca


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SF Scala is a group for functional programmers who use Scala to dominate the world. We build APIs, Big Data flows, and startups powered by Scala. We do more with less people and less resoucres due to Scala's incredible power. We meet to discuss best practices and how the technology is being used successfully by organizations.

SF Scala covers San Francisco, and events are coordinated with , which covers the peninsula and south bay.

If you would like to present a technical talk about Scala, or how Scala is used in your organization, please contact one of the organizers. If you want to host, contact us. We also are always looking for video sponsors to continue our recordings.

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