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Life is not complicated, we just make it so. Unless, of course, all of your childhood friends have gotten married or engaged and you're left looking for a relationship online. Then life really gets complicated. Ugh! :o

Welcome to the 25-45 Singles' Network of San Francisco.

The goal is to bring together active (or would like to be active -- socially, physically) single professionals of the San Francisco through activities that would foster friendship first and foremost. Whether these friendships blossom into something else depends upon the individual members. But, hey, it is hoped that even if you don't find someone with whom you connect, you'd at least have fun drinking, eating, hiking, running, skiing, watching a play or two, etc.

GROUP EXPECTATION: the success of the group will depend upon the participation of its members. Suffice it to say, members will be required to suggest at least an event a month for other members to "like" or not. If enough vote, we'll schedule the "idea." Admittedly, the organizer does not know half (even if that) of the going is in the San Francisco and the surrounding cities. With all members pitching in, we'll make this an active group for the benefit of all of us.

Ready? If you are between the ages of 25 to 45, join us!

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