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Guest Post: Introduction to Calligraphy (Nature Journal Club Field Trip)

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This month the Nature Journal Club is staying indoors to learn about calligraphy. It's free, but donations strongly encouraged. Here's what it says on the website (

You are invited to join J.P. Panter in a playful pen session on adding calligraphy to your sketchbook work. She will demonstrate techniques in traditional dip-pen calligraphy, have handouts on varying letterforms, and have a number of modern pens to try-before-you-buy in class. In addition to hands-on work time, she will have a short digital slide show that touches briefly on design elements, how calligraphy can add to, or become the focus of your work, show samples of both illuminated letters and modern calligraphic works in contrast, and for inspiration.

As always bring your curiosity and journaling items with you to try your hand at adding elegant writing (or maybe just a single awesome capital letter) to your note taking, poem making and sketchbooking world.

What to Bring
Your sketchbook / nature journal, a pencil, your favorite pens and pencils for
making notes, paper towel and a small water container.
*If you already own; a pointed pen (and nibs), speedball pen (nibs or no nibs),
Pilot Parallel pen or what you think might be a traditional calligraphy pen, please feel free to bring it with you. I can show you how to use them, how to clean them, and what letterforms they write and which ink to buy.
And- a plate, spoon and a potluck treat to share.

About J.P.
J.P. Panter is a BANJC member and Bay Area illustrator / calligrapher. She specializes in pointed pen calligraphy and is known for her flourishing (traditional birds and animals in pointed pen) and luxury wedding & winery work in Napa Valley. In 2013 her work has been published in Martha Stewart Weddings and Modern Luxury Brides magazines. In addition to illustrating, wine label design and wedding work, she teaches private handwriting lessons for children and develops signature writing for business professionals.


This is a Guest post: not an official SF Sketchers event, but something that looks like it would appeal to some of our members.