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Update: The Sunday Streets web page has added a lot of new information. See the new map with schedule ( here. Apparently there will be a ping pong tournament going on in Portsmouth Square where we are meeting, so I suggest we find each other near the ping pong players. There might be a crowd, so be sure to put my cell phone number on your phone.

Also new this year: bikes are allowed in the Chinatown Sunday Streets. Don't know if bringing your bike will make life easier or harder...

I've been researching dim sum places in the area and there aren't any clear winners. We might be better off just getting takeaway dim sum from a bakery and sitting down in a park to eat and sketch. Let's take a vote when we start.

And here's another possibility for those who are interested: make our way over to the Marina Green/Fort Mason area later in the day to sketch the Darth Vadar styling on those America's Cup yaughts.

The Sunday Streets program ( will be shutting cars out of several blocks of Jackson and Grant streets. Here's the map (

We'll gather in the Portsmouth Square Park between 10:30 and 11:00, and then head out together to explore the car-free streets. I'll be sitting on the grass close to the corner of Washington and Walter U. Lum Place. I'll be trying to sketch players or spectators at the ping-pong tournament.

If you've got any suggestions about good spots to meet and draw, post them in the discussions section at the bottom of the page. I'm thinking it would be fun to end our day at a dim sum place and try to sketch the food before we eat it (this will need to be fast, before it gets cold). Anybody know a good place? Something not too expensive, but clean and with big tables.