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Salutations Puppet Pushers, We are going to continue our Captain Clawhand project each Thursday as well as additional days which we will discuss at this next meetup. Notice that we are making it 7 pm once again so it is easier for those who have expressed a preference for an earlier schedule. Don't worry if you are late though, we want everyone who wants to participate to be a part of this. J & I did an initial impromptu location scout at Dolores Park & we would like to share the unedited photographs of the location with you all in the hopes that it will get everyone as excited as we are about this project. Keep in mind that it was getting dark; we plan on doing a proper scout with real cameras (these photos are unedited, as is, from phone cameras. We just want to give everyone an idea of how awesome this project is going to be). I will post them in the pages area since that is the place to post photos to give you an idea of what a great location Nicole actually picked out for this piece. It ended up surpassing our expectations greatly! We hope that you all will be as excited as we are & will join us on our next location scout with better equipment during daylight hours. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Coraline screening. It was truly magickal & we hope that you will continue with us in our quest to create a space that is productive, inspirational & fun!!! Remember to check out these first photos to give everyone an idea of the awesome location we are working with!!! Also, for those who have had trouble opening the script we will have an updated version of the script this week in the Discussion area & Brian will create a google docs section that we can utilize for these issues. Can't wait to see everyone!!!

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