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Experienced photographer moving out of my studio (for love, not rent). Looking for other part-time photographers interested in occasional studio space, either coordinated studio shoots sharing equipment/models, and/or larger spaces for multiple DIY shoots. There are plenty of spaces in SF, with a few friends, there is no reason to have my own studio.

My primary focus is finding people that can pitch in on the cost of a space for multiple hours to make it affordable for all. I'm not doing this to make $$, _nor_ lose money.

I do photography as a creative outlet, while I'm happy to lend a hand or provide an opinion, this group is for experienced photographers. This is not a workshop group, though if one or two of these happens to arise, I'm fine w/ that. Cost would typically be ~$75-200 for 3-8 hours of shared studio time. I'm not looking to try and organize models for a group shoot, if you've done this before, you'll understand why.

Once scheduled, all fees non-refundable unless a substitute photographer takes your slot.

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