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Are you a member of an underrepresented group in tech? Do you have an interest in speaking at conferences and meetups? Then this is the meetup for you!

Inspired by Global Diversity CFP Day (https://www.globaldiversitycfpday.com/), experienced speakers (see below for a list of mentors) will be hosting workshops for speakers of all experience levels to put together their first conference talks. This meetup shares the same high-level goal as #gdcfpday (https://twitter.com/search?q=%23gdcfpday&src=tyah) of providing support and mentorship for speakers from underrepresented groups in tech.

This meetup is organized as a series of 2 workshops which will be held every other month, and which combined will cover all aspects of submitting and preparing talks for conferences. Each workshop will also begin with a quick presentation that focuses on tips and best practices for the topics of the day. The first workshop covers talk ideation, CFP writing, slide preparation, and what the talk submission process looks like; and the second workshop focuses on talk run throughs. See below for a more detailed description of each workshop.

The workshops are organized in a way so that speakers can attend the meetup regardless of where they are in the talk submission & preparation process, while also giving them access to support from the moment they think of an idea up until they are about to present in front of an audience.

Women, persons of color, or any members of other underrepresented groups are encouraged to sign up.


List of mentors:

• Mars Jullian (https://twitter.com/marsjosephine)

• Ryan Burgess (https://twitter.com/burgessdryan)

• Jem Young (https://twitter.com/JemYoung)

• Danielle Barnes (https://twitter.com/daniellesheryce)

• Jonathan Chan (https://twitter.com/bmwe30is)

• Leonardo Zizzamia (https://twitter.com/Zizzamia)


Workshop #1: Talk ideation, CFP writing, slide preparation, and what the talk submission process looks like

This workshop will mimic the way that Global Diversity CFP day was run in San Francisco where 3-5 attendees were grouped together and paired with mentors. The groups will be organized by what stage in the process speakers are in. For example, attendees that are still looking for an idea or need some direction on how to frame their ideas will be grouped together, while attendees that have their idea *and* know how to frame it will be in a separate group.

The workshop will then conclude with a 20 minute panel of mentors. This is meant more as an info session, where mentors can provide a quick rundown of what a the conference talk preparation process typically looks like. Attendees will also be given a chance to ask any questions they might have about speaking at tech conferences.

Workshop #2: Talk practice

This workshop will be organized as time slots (length TBD) that attendees can sign up for to present what they have of their talk. All other speakers in attendance and mentors will serve as the audience, and 5-10 minutes will be reserved at the end of each slot for feedback.

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Workshop #1

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