#PerfMatters Conference 2019

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San Francisco & Silicon Valley Web Performance Group
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#PerfMatters Conference is the web performance conference taking place on April 2 & 3, in Redwood City, California with talks by internationally renowned performance developers. Our focus is on front-end web performance.

* Talks and speakers include:
* The Cost Of JavaScript, Addy Osmani
* SVG Will Save Us, Sarah Drasner
* Resource loading, prioritization, HTTP/2 - oh my!, Patrick Meenan
* Runtime Scheduling on the Web, Shubhie Panicker
* Refactoring for Progressive Web Apps, Erica Stanley
* Fantastic Frontend Performance Tricks and Why We Do Them, Jenna Zeigen
* Leveraging the power of service design to boost web performance, Anthonia Carter
* How Privilege Defines Performance, Tatiana Mac
* Crash Course in CrUX, Rick Viscomi
* Happy Browser, Happy User!, Katie Sylor-Miller
* Chaperones and curfews: minimising 3rd party impact, Ryan Townsend
* Level up your web tools with WebAssembly, Robert Aboukhalil
* The intersection of accessibility and performance, Eric Bailey
* Taking the Guesswork out of Performance Budgets, Buddy Brewer
* The Business of Performance, Lauren Younger Nagel
* Measuring User Perceived Performance to Prioritize Product Work, Gemma Petrie and Heather McGaw
* Performance Benefits of Variable Fonts, Mandy Michael
* Think Fast, First: Empowering Performance Culture, Alfredo Lopez
* A Billion Phones and Even More People, Keerthana Krishnan
* Profiling the Profiler, Greg Tatum
* Delighted, Satisfied, or Angry? : Building empathy into our core business metrics to put users first., Nathan Bower Our incredible eMCee is none other than the fabulous Mina Markham.

Tim Kadlec will be leading a pre-conference workshop "Getting Up to Speed with Performance" to get attendees up to speed on web performance. If that sells out (which it almost has), Andy Davies will be teaching a second workshop on the exact same topic.

Register at https://perfmattersconf.com