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SF Writers Group Therapy is for you if you're looking for a support group to talk about your writing struggles and share advice. It doesn't matter what kind of writer you are. Fiction, non-fiction, blogging, screenplay, everyone is welcome.

If you're interested in sharing your own struggles and self-discoveries around writing, this is the place for you. Would you like to become the best writer you can be? This is your group. Just bring your full, vulnerable self and the rest will happen naturally.

Here's what you can expect:

1) Introductions
2) 5-10 minutes per person: Show-and-Tell around your current writing practice and struggles
3) Open Discussion

Some ideas for topics to discuss (list to be updated after our first Meetup):

Getting stuck in writer's block
Getting stuck due to perfectionism
Getting stuck in research mode
Getting stuck in editing mode
Prioritizing writing in your life
Day job sucks up creativity and energy
Limited time and energy due to family and work obligations
Difficulty building a daily writing habit
How to sell your writing
Finding the energy to both write and market your work
Trouble sitting down and doing the work
Finding a quiet workspace without interruptions
Staying focused

About the Meetup Facilitator

My name is Derek Ralston and I’m a productive writer. It wasn’t always this way. I blogged sporadically. I wrote books when I felt like it. Writing was this special endeavor that I had to be motivated to do. I found out the hard way that motivation is a fickle thing. By this time, I had stopped writing altogether.

Years later, I discovered simple strategies to get myself writing again. And I built a consistent writing habit.

I’ve made it my goal to help writers get unblocked and show up consistently so they can share their writing with the world.

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