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dbt Meetup at Envoy

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dbt Meetup at Envoy


This event is hosted by Envoy ( and open to all folks working with data—while we'll predominantly focus on people's experience with dbt, we're also very interested in broader topics related to analytics engineering, such as data stacks, data ops, modeling, testing, and team structures.

Doors open at 6pm, for a 6:30 start! We'll bring the food and drinks, just make sure you have your ID to sign in!


Building trust in your data
Andrea Koptiz, Data Analyst
If there is one data set that you want to be completely error-free, it’s financial data. Learn how Envoy used human feedback along with a rigorous testing process to debug financial models. Their experience is a lesson in both writing great data tests and also working incredibly well with cross-functional teams.

How to survive as a data team of one
Martin Guindon, Asst. Director, BI
Modern data tools have made the one-person analytics team not only possible, but incredibly impactful. Still, the role requires a unique mindset. This talk will cover a range of lessons learned–from choosing the right tooling to working effectively with non-data team members.

Modeling pricing configuration data
Tyler Pugliese
Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) allows companies to provide accurate pricing even with a myriad of product configuration scenarios. This valuable intelligence on the sales pipeline was one of Fastly’s newest and most requested data sets. Learn how the data team used dbt to turn raw, isolated CPQ data into a polished dataset, integrating the model into Fastly’s growing collection of sales data models.

Glue work in analytics
Caitlin Moorman
Yerdle Recommerce
We all want to do work that helps our teams be more effective and our organizations be more successful. But sometimes, that work isn't in our job description, and isn't properly valued within the organization. When work is valuable but not valued, it becomes glue work. How do you get un-stuck and make sure your work is recognized and rewarded?

dbt is a command line tool that speaks the preferred language of data analysts everywhere—SQL. With dbt, analysts take ownership of the entire analytics engineering workflow, from writing data transformation code to deployment and documentation.

410 Townsend St 4th floor · San Francisco, CA
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