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A Tuesday 6:30 PM - Bringing Our Wine to Our Private Room

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If this event is full you can get on our waiting list by sending a "No" RSVP and typing into the comments section "Waiting List." Again we will bring our own favorite inexpensive wine to our own same private quiet room which happens to be very close to the Montgomery Street BART Station. We have the room from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Attendees have 3 choices of what to bring: 1) bring a bottle of wine or (wine + snacks) = about $15; 2) bring $15 cash; and 3) bring $15 cash and back-up wine. In the 3rd category the attendee pays $15 cash, and we don't open the wine bottle unless there is a wine shortage. If we open the bottle that attendee gets the $15 back. If we don't open the bottle that attendee leaves with the bottle. We will open bottles by about 6 bottles per 10 attendees, a .6 ratio.

We are using this plan to pay for the room and other things I will bring such as munchies, and name tags. Another reason for this is to not open too many wine bottles resulting in people getting drunk. Our room has a refrigerator which should encourage some people to bring white wine. Also, each person should bring a wine glass. I will bring clear plastic glasses for those who forget their wine glasses. I turned off the "Maybe" option to help assure we will get a proper wine/cash balance. If you send a "Yes" RSVP please put in the comments section one of the 3 choices: 1) wine; 2) cash; 3) back up wine

Remember that this is a wine tasting and not a wine drinking, and we should not be loud because there will be people playing chess down the hall.

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