Past Meetup

Saturday Poker After Dark (Foster City), $1/$2 Texas Hold'em

This Meetup is past

10 people went


The House Rules of the Game:

Game: No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash game

No Rake. No entry-fees.

Blinds: $1 small blind and $2 big blind

Straddling: No straddling from any position.

Buy-in range: Minimum initial buy-in is $100. The max is $200. After busting once, you can re-buy for a minimum of $60.

Card dealing: The player on the “button” deals the cards, and shuffles after the hand is complete.

Re-buys/top up: Unlimited to $200 max. Chips cannot be removed from the table.

Action out-of-turn: Players acting out-of-turn will have to contribute $1 to the pot.

Leave notice: You must give 45 minutes notice to leave the game unless you bust.

Game end: The game will end 6 hours after the posted starting time

Minimum number of players for Cash Game: 6(For 5 or less players the game will be tournament style, $40 buy-in, 5000 chips, 30 min levels)

Floormen: A group of 3 players, including the host and two additional players randomly selected at the beginning of the game, will by majority vote, act as floormen to make decisions at the table on any situation that arise regarding any matters not covered by the rules.

White chips = $1;Red chips = $5; Green chips= $20; Black chips = $100

Stuff to Know: No-smoking home. On rainy days you will have to take your shoes off. Please bring you own food and drinks.

The address will be provided to YES RSVPs on the day of the game.

You need to be 21 to play. Please bring your driver's license. You will not be able to play if you don’t have proof of your Date of Birth