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Sunday Poker in the City. $1/$3 No Limit Texas Holdem Cash Game

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Thanks for your interest in this game! We're looking forward to meeting you.

FYI, if you no-show or you cancel within 24 hours we will delete you from the guest list for future games. If you are on the waiting list, feel free to come and you'll be seated (in order of where you are on the list) when somebody busts-out or no-shows. If you're late for any reason you go to the end of the waiting list.

The Game:
Minimum buy-in is $150. The max is $300. You can re-buy at any time, as often as you want, but can only buy in or top up to have a max of $300 in front of you. The game will end at 10:30 p.m.
Stuff to Know:
Please bring drinks for the group (craft beer or Starbucks iced mochas would be yummy:)). Parking and traffic can be bad (especially when the Giants play) so plan accordingly. Please be at the cafe at the designated start time. We will walk across the street 15 minutes afterwards to where we are playing. If you are not at the cafe by the time we leave you won't be playing. You need to be 21 to play. Please bring your driver's license. We will make a copy of your ID. You will not be allowed to play without your photo ID.
The Rules:
1) No talking on cell phones while at the table.
2) After the deal, the dealer will cut the next deck (it will already be shuffled) on the cut card, give the cut deck and the button to the person to his left, and then collect the cards and shuffle.
3) If you act out of turn, put your drink on the table or spill your drink, you are required to throw in $1 into the pot (dead money).
4) If you came to one of the last two games, you will get a blue chip. If you give the blue chip to a player, at the end of the hand, or when that player folds, that player is required to show you their hand. The player is NOT required to show the table.
5) You must give 45 minutes notice to leave the game unless you bust.
6) If there is a dispute, the host will make the final ruling on the rules. If the host is in the hand, then the players not in the hand will rule by majority vote.