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Trading any financial market (Stocks/Indexes/ Futures/ Commodities/ FOREX) is very risky ... for whom? For retail traders like us.

Statistically over 90% retail traders lose money. Any financial market is a ZERO-SUM game That simply means that if a retail trader loses, some BIG money wins. So 90% of the times BIG MONEY wins.

Big money consisting of Banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, mutual finds, foreign investments etc, trades PROFESSIONALLY in all financial markets.

Let's get together to discuss about Professional trading that will differentiate you from most of the retail traders.

This meetup is for all those who want to consider trading financial market for partial or complete replacement of their income. You may be a novice or a seasoned trader oe investor, doen't matter. There is always something new to know in this ocean of financial markets.

Join us for free and share your knowledge and experience with other like minded people.

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