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* * * Dating, Love, Sex & Intimacy for Gay, Bisexual & Queer Men Who Love Men * * *

Are you a gay, bi or queer man who wants to experience deeply meaningful emotional connection with other guys?

Perhaps you'd like to have more friends. Maybe you'd like to be in an intimate relationship which might (or might not) fit the conventional notions of marriage.

You might like to have a better relationship with yourself, too.

If so, you're a relationship minded gay man - and this group is for you. We welcome all men who love men regardless of relationship status, age, ethnicity, education, body type, sexual orientation, abilities, shy or outgoing, etc. Whether you prefer monogamy or an open relationship, you are welcome here.

Our focus is primarily gay men, bisexual men, queer men and transmen.

Meaningful relationships and intimacy is available to you – and you deserve it.

Unfortunately we live in a society that is conflicted about healthy relationships. We only need to look at the divorce rate or the many who report being lonely to see this.

On top of this gay, bisexual and queer men as part of a small minority face additional challenges.

One of these challenges is that sometimes we want nontraditional relationships that don't fit the boxes society is used to. We may experience judgment from others or other negative outcomes from the widespread (and often unconscious) heterosexual privilege or monogamous privilege. We may also feel shame within ourselves. Let's create community among other relationship minded gay, bisexual and queer men who love men.

Whether or not you are in a marriage or intimate relationship, you are welcome here.

If relationships are important to you, join us. Come and be part of creating an open-hearted, fun and welcoming space where we can talk and learn together with other men who love men.

Also, join our affiliated Facebook group to connect with relationship minded guys as we learn together. https://www.facebook.com/groups/GreatGayRelationships

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