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Fish early or fish late but for goodness sake, fish!

Peak bite prediction: 7:20 - 8:20 am then again between 2:12 and 4:12 pm Come early to fish, paddle to Alabama Jack's, hang for a while, grab a bite, drink something cold, remount and fish some more.

Target Species: Snapper, Sea Trout, Snook, Grouper, Porgies, Sheeps Head and lots and lots of Grunts! The open bays are rarely productive, stick to the bridge, mangrove, creeks.

7:00 am: Meet at the first parking area past Alabama Jack's and past the Toll Plaza (on the left). Launch at fish.

10:00 am ish: We will paddle and fish our way to Alabama Jack's, for a few drinks and bite.

12pm: (Give or take) The Castaways arrive by Kayak, on their way from Miami to Key West.

1:00 pm-ish: Head back to the launch site when you're ready or keep fishing, Next peak bite is predicted between 2:12 pm and 4:12 pm

Rentals: Need a boat or a board? We have kayaks and SUPs available. Single Kayaks and SUP's are $30, Double Kayaks are $45. Call The Paddle House for reservation 786.307.3816. Request a fishing kayak, we have a few available for rent.


Tides for Card Sound, western side starting with June 9, 2013. Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible Su 9 High 12:33 AM 0.8 6:30 AM Rise 7:20 AM 0 9 Low 7:05 AM 0.1 8:11 PM Set 9:04 PM 9 High 12:37 PM 0.7 9 Low 7:16 PM 0.0 The Jeep Only Club and the Miami Mini Club join forces on Sunday June 9 for a Road Rally to Alabama Jacks (and the Humps) to support the Castaways Against Cancer. So we're going to join in on the event as well.

Come out to support a good cause and have a great drive down, paddle, eat lunch at Alabama Jacks with the Castaways Against Cancer, and head home in the afternoon after another lovely day on the water,

At AJ's, the Castaways Against Cancer will be raffling a few bottles of Captain Morgan Rum, and selling tickets for their Kayak Raffle, too. They are only $5 a ticket.

From one of the special Castaways, our own Scott Anderson:

Hi everyone. I am Scott Anderson, a member of JOC and also a member of the Castaways Against Cancer, and I wanted to invite you to have some fun, meet some new friends, and support a good cause. Castaways Against Cancer is a team of kayakers who will be paddling from Miami to Key West - that's 7 days and 165 miles in a kayak - in support of the American Cancer Society. The Castaways will be arriving by kayak at Alabama Jack’s in Key Largo on Sunday, June 9 at about 12 pm. This is a great excuse to drive down, enjoy some food & drinks, and give the Castaways a great send off.

The other Castaways and I will be continuing on by kayak, all the way to Key West!

Below is more information on the Castaways Against Cancer, a video of what we do, and a link if you choose to donate. Even if you don’t wish to make a monetary donation, come and provide moral support for the Castaways and have a great day with friends.
Video of what we do:

Why I kayak 165 miles in 7 days:
I'm doing this in honor of my grandmother, Bea, and my father in law, Jerry, who both showed me the way to endure through a challenge, even when it seems unbeatable. I also paddle in honor of other family members, friends and loved ones who have stared down Cancer and fought back, while benefiting from the great strides made by American Cancer Society and cancer research.

Unfortunately, it's a safe bet that every one reading this has a similar experience, and just as many heart-wrenching stories to tell. You, too - we all - are victims of Cancer, even if only indirectly. As I did with my loved ones (and others), I'm sure you have asked yourself, "What can I do to help?"


Help us fight back with a donation!
Because you donate, more people can live longer, healthier, happier lives. Your donation will help the American Cancer Society to help people stay well through early diagnosis and treatment, help people get well by supporting cancer victims throughout their battles, help find cures by funding groundbreaking research, and Fight back to give cancer victims more time, more birthdays, more memories, and less pain.

This is just a suggestion - any amount would be a wonderful help and strong sign of your support!

Donate securely online here:

I hope to see you at Alabama Jacks!

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