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SFRails Meetup - Metrics in Rails | Stephen Nguyen | Javascript App Deployment

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6:30 Food/Beer/Networking
7:00 Intros/Sharing of Tips and Tools

7:15 Talks
• Talk 1: Collecting & Alerting on Business Metrics - Dylan Clendenin
• Lightning Talk: Stephen Nguyen
• Talk 2: Framework agnostic, zero-downtime Javascript app deployment - Fei Wang

8:30 End

Talk 1: Collecting & Alerting on Business Metrics

About the Speaker

Dylan Clendenin is a software engineer focused on helping early-stage technology startups until they either blow up or glow up. He is part of the Teespring gang focused on the vision of creating workflows to transform digital data into physical objects (presently custom apparel).

Lightning Talk: Stephen Nguyen

About the Speaker

Talk 2: Framework agnostic, zero-downtime Javascript app deployment

Deploying your Ember app can be tricky and slow if it is tied into your back end (Rails, etc). Learn how to independently deploy your front end (using tools like Ember-CLI and Grunt) directly into a CDN in seconds without downtime. Fei will talk about how this approach can be used for any back end and front end frameworks.

About the Speaker

Fei works as an engineer at Neo ( ( He builds both prototype and production applications mostly using Rails and Ember.js.

About the Host

Teespring, an innovative web-based crowd funding platform and tech start-up, seeking Software Engineers for it’s new San Francisco office. We're an ecommerce platform that's growing like crazy, and just getting started. A graduate of the Winter 2013 class Y-Combinator, Teespring launched in 2011 and in our first 2.5 years, we've shipped millions of products, provided a living for hundreds of amazing users, and have even had the privilege of watching a few of those users become millionaires through our platform.

About the Sponsor

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