Special Event: Evening on Backbone.js/Views w/ Q&A with David Heinemeier Hansson


You won't want to miss this special event that the team at Manilla has put together. Space is limited, so sign up early (but make a point to attend if you do).


6:00 Pizza/Beer/Networking

6:30 Talk 1 : Leveraging Backbone.js Without a Full Rewrite

7:00 Talk 2 : Q&A with David Heinemeier Hansson

Talk 1: Leveraging Backbone.js Without a Full Rewrite

When client side development gets complex, Backbone.js brings a lot of positives in terms of organization. But is a full rewrite of your Rails views in order? Ben Willis of Manilla.com will show how they incrementally migrated their existing Rails views to Backbone.js without the need to fully rewrite them.

About the Speaker

Ben Willis (https://twitter.com/benjaminjwillis) is a senior software engineer at Manilla.com where he works as a full-stack Rails developer designing and building front- and back-end components. He also has a hand in ops and support and is a process extraordinaire.

Talk 2: Q&A with David Heinemeier Hansson

Given the explosion of JavaScript client side frameworks, there's been a lively debate in the Rails community as to whether their usage provides unnecessary complexity or if they represent the future of web development.

David Heinemeier Hansson will be doing a remote Q&A session (via Google Hangouts) discussing his opinions surrounding modern JavaScript frameworks, their place in a Rails application, and the future of Rails views. The format will be open, giving the audience a chance to ask their own questions. (If you're shy about asking questions, please send them to Jim Jones ([masked]) at Manilla and we'll get the moderator to ask them for you.)

About the Speaker

David Heinemeier Hansson (http://david.heinemeierhansson.com) is the creator of Ruby on Rails, a partner at 37signals, a NYT best-selling author, a public speaker, a hobbyist photographer, and a race car driver.

About the Sponsor

A 2012 double Webby Award Winner, Manilla is the new way for consumers to manage their bills and more. With Manilla, consumers get an up-to-the-minute organized view of all their household accounts – including financial, utilities, travel rewards, and subscriptions – anywhere, anytime.