What we're about

What do we do?

This meetup group provides a platform for aspiring/existing technopreneurs to bounce new business ideas, discuss product/marketing strategies, share relevant info and generally meet and hang around with like-minded cool cats (like me).

It will be more focused around software-based startups, so we welcome any devs, designers, product guys, SEO-ers, tertiary undergrads, or other professionals with a software based idea to join us for each session.

Why Join Us?
Technopreneurship is a pretty lonely road, for those of us who travel it. Not everyone around us understands but we do. Having good company makes it easier.

If you have a working product or even just an idea, we hold regular sessions to discuss new business ideas, this can be a great opportunity to get some real user feedback and rapidly reiterate on it.

Looking for co-founders? This can be an excellent platform and opportunity to meet like-minded people in a casual small-group setting. Just be prepared to justify what you bring to the table.

Last but not least, it's simply just fun to hang around with like-minded folk, explore and learn together, don't you think?

Some stuff you need to know:
- There will be some screening of members. Since this group is for software-based startups, we'll mostly accept people currently working or studying with a focus on IT. Exceptions can be allowed on an individual basis, but please state why you want to join the group.

- Please ensure you have a profile picture and that it's you. I'm a bit uncomfortable admitting members when I don't know who I'm talking to.

- You can be currently in a startup... or not, it's not a requirement

- Working prototype and mockups is a plus but not a requirement

- You should have a skill that can be applied immediately in a software project e.g. SEO, development, design etc. Otherwise, you should have domain expertise in an idea that you are pitching.

- If demand exceeds supply (i.e. long waiting list), I may try to switch some participants to future sessions so that we have more diversity among participants.

- All business ideas to be presented during the meetup should be communicated to the organizer at least a week before a meetup.

- I have ZERO tolerance for hard-selling or get-rich-quick marketing. This is not a good venue for you to sell property/insurance/MLM contracts etc. If any harassment is detected, you will be asked to leave.

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